Are you your own worst enemy? Put a stop to self sabotage.

August 10, 2018

The most important relationship you’re ever going to have is with yourself, and the way you speak about and treat yourself matters. We have a tendency to get in our own way, and rarely on purpose. Sometimes we start moving towards a goal to find ourselves retreating from it or even convincing ourselves we didn’t want it anyway.  Perhaps you will find after some success, there is a niggle that urges you to stop your progress.

Self-sabotaging behaviour can interfere with actions that help you reach your goals.  Try these things to help change your thought processes, become more confident and bring a little more self-care into your life:


First things first

Identify the negative thoughts and change them into positive ones. It’s time to identify the things that are stopping you from moving forward.  If you’re sitting there concerned about what could go wrong, switch it up and think about what could go right. You can only think one thought at a time, so changing the negative thoughts into positive ones will stop the spiral. Negative thoughts do not have the power to change things and it only has the power that you give it. Stop giving the negative vibes the power! Swap that negative for a positive and get the control back.

Make a GREAT list

One of my fave tricks to do when having a bit of a tough time is create a GREAT list. I like to sit down and make a list of all the things I’m thankful for (extra crunchy peanut butter, Arnie sleeping through the night) and a second list of all the things you’re proud of achieving (getting through that intense report or that 1000 piece puzzle or even your listening skills or amazing sense of humour). Then all you gotta do is put your lists somewhere you see them often, (the bathroom mirror or the fridge door) so you can be constantly and easily reminded of all of the amazing things in your life and if you’re having a negative Nancy moment, look at your lists and let your own awesome self-inspire you.

Repeat after me

Mantras are a great way to build your confidence and self-worth when they are repeated over-and-over. Start your day off by saying something positive to yourself. Try “I will continue to learn and grow”,  “I am worthy of all the good things that happen in my life”,  Or “I acknowledge my own self-worth; my self-confidence is rising.” It’s all about living and breathing positivity.  Do what you can to rid your life of negative, toxic relationships and put your energy into developing positive connections with people who support you.

Exercise IS self-care

Did you know even 10 mins of exercise a day can give you an instant boost to your energy and self-esteem? A big part of self-care and looking after yourself is making sure you move your body regularly. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel good, leading to a more positive outlook on life. It doesn’t have to be something that takes up your whole day either. Try a TIFFXO workout, grab a gal pal for a goss and a walk or take the dog on a new adventure. When the baby sleeps (IF the baby sleeps… am I right?!) use this time to do a level of TIFFXO or a quick circuit of lunges, star jumps, and squats. Trust me, it will make you feel great.

Time to photoshop your mental image

How we see ourselves means a lot to us, often more than we realise. Because we have this mental idea of what we look like in our heads, it can determine how confident we are. If you’re constantly imagining Shrek sitting in your office chair, you’re not gonna feel so great about yourself. You can change this picture! Use your mental photoshopping skills and change your self-image. It’s no ogre sitting doing that spreadsheet, it’s a fierce warrior queen ready to battle.

Phone a friend

Keep a positive support network around you (My TIFFXO Ninjas have a built-in cheer squad in our private FB community, as we all push, motivate and encourage each other) and make sure you connect with those who are close to you to keep your perspective on the right track. Stay away from toxic people and relationships that don’t fill you with joy.

It’s time to love YOU

Probably the most important bit… It’s time to make YOU the focus. Find ways to reconnect with your body and your mind. It’s all about you and taking time out for some “me minutes.” It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but something that is solely for YOU. (I’m feeling positive about heading the right way for a manicure). It’s amazing the relationship between our physical health and our brains and what we can achieve. I may be living in a dream world when I say this, but try as best you can to get some sleep at night time. Make yourself a priority, not that last minute email. 6-8 hours is vital to physical, mental and emotional health. Disconnect from tech an hour before you go to bed and you’ll see a massive shift in energy making you more productive when you need to be.



Article by Tiffany Hall

Tiffiny is one of the highest qualified female martial artists in the world for her age. She is a 6th Dan Taekwondo black belt and one of Australia’s most recognised female martial artists.

Tiffiny has practiced and studied self-defense, mixed martial arts, and Taekwondo for over 25 years. She is the daughter of an Olympic Taekwondo coach and black belt mother.




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