Happy Eating – How To Make Your Kitchen Your Happy Place

October 14, 2015

Does the idea of preparing meals for the week make you feel uneasy? Do you find you’re constantly stuck for ideas on how to create simple, healthy and various dishes?

Here are 5 simple ways to make your kitchen your very own happy place..

1. Be Fresh. Know what’s in season

Why? Because nothing beats those flavours and textures in seasonal foods. Your also more likely to be buying local  produce, therefore supporting local farmers and business. Not sure what’s in season, just ask at your local market.


2. Be Inspired

Blogs, Instagram, facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, recipe books, cooking shows, and your favourite app are just some of the ways to invigorate you in the kitchen. These days you can find inspiration for healthy, simple meals in so many different ways without leaving the kitchen! (Image below of Ella Woodward – Food Blogger & Instagram superstar) 


3. Don’t be afraid to use spices and herbs

Whats your flavour? Whether you use a pinch of this or a bunch of that, fresh herbs and spices will bring a recipe together by infusing the meal with unique fragrances and flavours. Some yummy suggestions…Add Arugula to your pizza, basil to your smoothie, parsley to your soup, cinnamon to your muesli and a little cumin to your scrambled eggs!


4. Organise your space

Make prepping and cooking easier by getting organised! Get rid of the clutter in the draws and pantry. Find available space for your ‘most’ used utensils such as your cutting board, knives, mixing bowls and your basic ingredients (salt, oil, flour etc.) . Keep your bin close by for peeling and scraps, start with an empty sink in case you need to clean a bowl mid-cooking. When using a recipe book or on the Ipad have it open and close by so you can reference it as often as you need.


5. Relax and just have fun

What keeps us happy in the kitchen, it’s the fact that we make it a fun and relaxed environment. Home cooked meals are tastier and healthier and cheaper…so how do you have fun? Turn up your favourite music, invite friends over to cook with you , add colour to your kitchen using flowers or art, use your favourite fun utensils and if it all gets too much, stop and breathe and remember you can do it!




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