How to improve your everyday mental health

September 12, 2018

What is it that makes certain people highly productive at work? Most of us believe the answer is to work harder and longer hours, yet it’s not, the easy answer is to work smarter, it’s finding ways to create balance in your every day and allowing yourself room for pause.

Just a few simple ways to work smart and be happier…

Mornings should be fun

As soon as you wake up each morning, avoid the itch to check your phone and emails. Make your mornings count, play music, go for a walk, visit your favourite workout class and/or have an early breakfast with a friend or colleague.  A morning filled with activities that make you smile will boost your mood and will inspire you to perform better during the day.

Write, Write, Write!

Think about how many tasks, questions, meetings, and meal plans fill up each day. Regrettably, it’s easy to waste brainpower trying to commit them all to memory. So don’t. Make lists of the things you want to accomplish and the means needed or write a list of what’s important and forget the rest.

Be part of the phenomenon of “relaxing”

Remember this…being “on” all the time doesn’t make you more productive.  Sadly if you’re having trouble relaxing, you are most likely contributing to your body’s own destruction. Learning deep breathing exercises or finding the time to meditate, practice yoga or going for a swim are marvelous forms of relaxation, gradually those practices can help you learn how to relax you’re at work.

Treat your body like a temple

Stress has a real physical impact on your body, and you can help relieve that stress by making sure you’re eating well and are getting enough sleep. Don’t rely on quick fixes in stressful times. If you know you’re going to be at work late, plan ahead. Bring in healthy snacks Dont reach for the quick sugary options! Take small breaks and stretch and when you finally get home, go straight to bed- resist the urge to watch television or check your phone late at night.

Feed your creativity

Think about what makes you feel creative, is it music, art, or having conversations with strangers? Whatever it may be, make time to be creative, consider waking up ten minutes earlier every morning to feed that creativity. Creativity, like other forms of life, needs to be nurtured.

You are what you eat

The brain requires its own nutrients to grow. A diet of unhealthy foods will alter the brains function. A balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids — found in salmon, walnuts, and kiwi fruit can give the brain a boost and help fight against anxiety, depression and dementia.


Tip: Eat fresh produce, plan ahead,  drinks lots of water and satisfy your cravings with the right foods.


A healthy work-life balance leads to a consciously healthier life in and outside of the office. With a healthy body and healthy mind, you will be more motivated personally and professionally.


Article by Bree Pagliuso 

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