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How to get staff involved in workplace wellness

A healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce. The benefits of wellness in the workplace, both to the employee and the employer, have been proven time and time again.

Boost your working day with these simple wellness tips

Just can’t be bothered? These tips will boost your motivation and improve your workday.

The key to whole-of-life success lies in how we think

In the second edition of her Total Living column, creative mentor Jo-Anne Hook talks about the importance of prioritising our highest values.   We all know of someone who seems to be able to fit everything into their lives. Miraculously, they have time to exercise, catch up with their friends

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The Whole-Of-Life Approach To Success.

In the first edition of our new Total Living column, creative mentor Jo-Anne Hook asks if we need a new metaphor for work–life balance.

5 Essential Foods To Eat When Feeling Stressed

Originally Published March 14th, 2016    Working long hours, late nights, busy schedules, caffeine, sugar and alcohol… your body can be tired and stressed without you even knowing it. When under stress, the body uses the essential nutrients than it normally would. Therefore, it is important that these vital nutrients

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Make These Small Changes To Your Working Day

Here are a few easy and realistic things that will bring wellness into your workplace. It’s the little changes over times that make the difference, after all.

Mindfulness & Organisational Change

Organisational change, especially if it means downsizing, can be a stressful time. Practising mindfulness and compassion can help employees adjust to change with realistic expectations and the tools to cope. The author of this article, Olivia Downing,  is a registered psychologist who focuses on the benefits of mindfulness. In her

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Deep work, and how to make time for it

Learn how to eliminate distraction and increase your productivity with these nine tips for deep work. There is a way of working that can not only improve your focus and performance, but also make you happier. Writer Cal Newport calls it “deep work”. So what is deep work? According to Newport,

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Safe Snacks – That Will Keep You Powering On Through Your Day.

I’ve had many people say to me they are lost for ideas when it comes to healthy snacks. They either end up eating nothing….or grabbing something that makes them feel guilty, unsatisfied and inevitably hungrier. Problem solved!!! Here are a few fun, satisfying and most importantly EASY snack ideas that will

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