How To Make Lemon Bliss Balls In 10 Minutes Flat

November 20, 2017

Sunday is for blitzing bliss balls. Every week I try to bash out a batch so that I have something clean and sweet for my 3pms. Keeps me out of trouble.

I was going to whip up my Choc Mint go-to’s, but thought I’d try a remix.

The recipe is unoriginally similar but the flavour isn’t. As the title suggests, we pop this one with detoxing lemon.

One of the many benefits of using lemon, apart from supporting your immune system and helping your internal pH, is that it’s a natural preservative. Lemons extend the shelf life of anything fresh. Whether that’s a salad dressing, a homemade juice, or a bliss ball.

And when you pair lemon with something sweet, dates in this recipe, it takes on that delicious tart profile.


Takes 10 minutes | Freeze for 30 minutes


  • Rolled oats – 2 cups
  • Shredded coconut – 2 cups
  • Pitted dates – 1 1/2 cups
  • MCT oil (or coconut oil) – 3 heaped tablespoons
  • Lemons – 2


  1. Add your pitted dates to the food processor with roughly one cup of boiling water; you want to soften the dates but use as little water as possible
  2. Shut the lid on the food processor (trap the heat in) and swirl the dates around
  3. While that’s going, zest half of a lemon and scoop it in the food processor
  4. Now extra the juice of both lemons and add that in
  5. Next, add every other ingredient and process for 1-2 minutes, scraping down the sides
  6. Once the dates are broken down and the mixture looks like a sticky batch of dough, get a baking tray out and line it with baking paper
  7. Now splash some water on your hands and roll the mixture into balls
  8. You can roll them a second time in shredded coconut if you want them fancier
  9. Next, place them in the fridge (or freezer)
  10. Chill until they firm up; 20 minutes in the freezer or an hour in the fridge
  11. Store in the fridge; they’re fresh for a few weeks but they won’t last that long



Article by James Mcloughlin – Green Press 





Image via: shift nutrition
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