Keep Warm Everyday With These 3 Moves

July 5, 2016

We know the obvious ways to staying warm in winter and everybody has personal preferences like taking a really hot shower or standing in front of a heater or wearing layers and layers of clothing. Over here at TWOSIX we prefer to create warmth by moving the body as often as possible, here are our best suggestions on warming the body with movement.

Crazy yogic breathing called Lions Breath – helps to build internal heat. 

Generally, in your yoga class. you will hear your teacher tell you to breathe in and out through the nose as you move. However, this fun silly named breathing technique… Lion’s Breath goes in through the nose — then out through the mouth with a “haaaah” sound while sticking your tongue out, After a few round of Lions Breath you will feel the natural heat roaring through your body!

Dance like nobody is watching 

Moving your body is an excellent way to generate heat. Get up right now from your desk and dance by yourself…who cares if everybody stops to look at you, you’re having way more fun than they are, plus you will feel warmth straight away while realising all those wonderful endorphins naturally additionally dancing can make you feel beautiful and powerful both inside and out!

Stretch it out!

We know that stretching is a vital part of any workout session, however stretching to move the body at any time of the day has benefits that improve not only your mind but your body too. Stand up from your desk, fold forward, breathe into your stretch, while reaching for your toes. A solid stretch reduces stress, relaxes tight muscles and promotes the flow of blood through the body, therefore keeping you nice and warm!


We’re pretty confident that these simple moves will keep you feeling warm, help cure those winter blues, make you feel strong and energised and inspire you to move every day! 



Article by Bree Pagliuso

In 2014 i wiped my hands free from my corporate job in Finance and completed my yoga teacher training and jumped head first into dedicated to all things health and wellness, since launching our online magazine in 2013, we have been working to inspire everyday Australians to look after their health. But this is only one part of the TWOSIX brand. In 2015 We expanded our offering to corporate services, allowing us to actively help people achieve health & wellbeing goals while at work. the TWOSIX Workplace Wellbeing sessions cater to corporate individuals who are time-poor and seeking an improved work-life balance.


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