Mindful Exercising – Mind Over Body

June 26, 2015

How much of a role does your mind play in your training?

Many people don’t realise how often we talk to ourselves, constantly working through our own issues, making day-to-day decisions -on our own. The one thing I’ve learnt over the years is that hard training can take us to our most vulnerable points, we often second guess ourselves, we sometimes panic and on most occasions we give up!

When I played football at a professional level, we had to constantly complete 3.2km time trials. I used to feel physically sick leading up to them, knowing that the pain I was about to go through by putting in my maximum effort would be intense!

I would take off hard and get into a rhythm and always try to keep up with someone who I knew had beaten me in the past (I’m super competitive), and yet no matter what, every time I’d reach the 2km mark, I would be on my own, talking negatively to myself and allowing the weakness to kick in.

I would tell myself that all those aches I was feeling were an injury and it would be ok if I stopped. I would ask myself, why the hell are you putting yourself through this? Just give up, and go home!

These are the very moments that define us in training and in life.

Are you strong enough to tell yourself that no matter what you are going through, it’s going to be over soon?

Are you strong enough, that when all you hear in your head is ‘stop’, you turn that into “go harder” and take things up a notch to see how far your body really can go?

The answer is, no matter who you are, YES!!

My father always told me, if you can only do 20 push ups with all your effort, then the first 18 mean nothing, it’s the last 2 that matters – when you begin to doubt your strength and suddenly overcome it, that is what makes you stronger for tomorrow.

I don’t think that every workout has to be like this, but in my opinion, this attitude holds you in good stead for when we are really tested.

I challenge everyone next time you have a hard session, to live inside your mind. I challenge you to give more output when everything tells you to stop! Because those are the moments when we can truly be proud of ourselves, when we know within us that we just got that little bit stronger than we were yesterday.

Always remember that the body will respond to what the mind tells it, and it’s not what we do once that defines us, it’s what we do consistently.


At-home mini work-out to keep the mind and body strong…

  • 25 alternating lunges
  • Burpees-15   X3
  • Run 400m (push yourself)
  • Take 3 minutes rest in between sets – restore the breath, relax the mind and then REPEAT 3 times.


Article by Marcus White 

Marcus is a health coach from Melbourne, Victoria who has an extreme passion for health and wellbeing. He comes from a high-level athletic background and believes hard training, good nutrition and an understanding and love for one’s self are the a key ingredients to help create a life of happiness and adventure.

I: @the_life_athlete


Visit Marcus at Ascot Fitness – 289 Maribyrnong rd Ascot Vale



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