To Workout or to Not Workout?

May 26, 2016

“I’ll go tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”, “It’s too cold”, “I’m too busy”, “I’ll train twice as hard next time”…. Sound familiar?

We all have our mornings when our bed is like a big warm hug that you just can’t let go of or days when work is such an energy thief and you are so completely drained. Your workout is the last thing on this earth that you feel like doing.

Excuses start pouring from your mind like Niagara Falls, and at this point it’s so much easier to just give up, stay in bed or pour a glass of wine!

So – how do we pick ourselves up and get our butts into gear?


Here are some tools I use to keep myself motivated…

For me – it’s the thought of the feeling afterwards!! No matter what, I never leave the gym feeling worse than I did before I went! So I tune into that after-thought and make it my motivation. No matter how shit I feel before I start, I know I will feel AMAZING, STRONG, HAPPY, REFRESHED, REVIVED, & ACCOMPLISHED afterwards.

Be Organised: Once I’m there, I need to be organised. I always make sure I know what I’m doing before I walk into the gym, so all I need to worry about is what playlist suits my mood that day!! I find it easiest to workout in a circuit format. I write down 5-6 exercises in my iPhone notes, and complete 3-4 rounds of the circuit with a warm up and a stretch at the end (listening to some awesome beats of course)

Be Efficient: Again – this comes with organization. You don’t need to be in a gym for 2 hours to get results, I’m in and out most days within 30-40mins, meaning it’s not that much of a drag to get myself there, and I cant use the excuse that I don’t have the time.

Be Consistent: Set a time of the day that working out suits you and make it a part of your day. A non-negotiable part of your day – like your work or your meals. Your workout is important, for your body and also for your mind. Make it a priority.

Reward yourself: Once I leave, I make sure I make the most of my workout by nourishing my body with the right foods. Eat something delicious that makes you feel good. Food is always a motivator for me! If I know I’m going out for a delicious breakfast after I work out, it gets me there ERRYTIME!


The biggest thing to keep in mind is to be reasonable. There are times when we will absolutely smash through a workout, and times when we won’t be able to push ourselves as hard, and that’s ok. Don’t be too hard on yourself, make your routine enjoyable and remember you are stronger than your excuses!



Article by Emma Udorovic – Co-Founder of TWOSIX Wellness 


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