Meet Local Love Benjamin Haynes – Medicine Man

September 21, 2018

The Medicine Man is a herbal medicine Apothecary in Sydney that specialises in Ayurvedic medicine. I prepare custom blended herbal medicines for people that are 100% organic and made according to the specific needs and constitution of the person taking it. In Ayurveda, there is never a one size fits all solution, it’s always tailored to the individual.

Can you tell us what Ayurveda is?

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The name is actually made up of two words; ‘Ayu’ meaning Life and ‘veda’ meaning science or knowledge. It is the medical sister science of yoga and literally translates to ‘the science of life’. According to Ayurveda, we are each born with a unique ratio of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space and that while ever we maintain this ratio we experience health. The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain or regain that balance through food, lifestyle and herbs.

What keeps you up at night?

Nothing really – if ever I can’t sleep I take a little-known Ayurvedic herb called ‘Shank-push-pi’ – it’s the best for treating insomnia and anxiety.

How do you maintain your health & wellbeing while working?

I pay attention to how I’m feeling and my state of mind as a barometer for whether i’m balanced or not. If i’m becoming stressed or overwhelmed, I adjust my diet to help balance things out – you would be amazed at how big an impact eating warm cooked food for example can have on anxiety levels, or how reducing your coffee in-take a bit can help you feel less hot and stressed. Food is a powerful medicine, and Ayurveda shows you how to make small adjustments to bring balance.

What about your job most excites you?

I love connecting with such an ancient form of medicine, and being a living link to thousands of years of human healing and knowledge.  I love seeing the balance of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space playing out in all things. I love being surrounded by herbal tinctures and tonics every day and using this ancient knowledge to help people heal. I’ve witnessed some pretty amazing transformations!

Can you tell us about your One Health Organisation?

One Health Organisation is a passion project that I became involved in nearly 10 years ago. We are a United Nations registered Not For Profit organisation addressing the rising chronic disease rates (like diabetes, cardiovascular health, and obesity) in vulnerable communities in Australia and around the globe. Chronic disease the number 1 killer on planet earth today, responsible for 70% of deaths globally. The solution is far more complicated that just providing more medicines to people. We’re involved in changing the conversation and pioneering a more integrated approach that takes into account the unique factors undermining health in a particular community group.

We feel it’s extremely important to support local industry. As a growing business, what are some of the simple ways people can get behind businesses and talents?

I think people are becoming increasingly aware of the power of their personal spending habits. By supporting that small, quirky business in your local area, you are ensuring it’s survival. By supporting your friend with their new business idea, or that stall at the weekend farmer’s market, you are actively creating a world where people’s passions and talents are recognised and encouraged. There’s no limit to the incredible outcomes that are possible in a world like that!

What are you most looking forward to at Wanderlust 108?

I can’t wait to meet the Wanderlust community and share the simple and powerful wisdom of Ayurveda. There is something magical about Wanderlust, I’m looking forward to creating something really special together!

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