Meet Local Love Rachael Finch

June 28, 2017

We LOVE everything about Rachael Finch, she’s a holistic business woman and super hard-working mum of two, who shares her life honestly across social media and this year on top of everything else, she launched her incredible health & wellbeing platform B.O.D by Rachael Finch,  where she invites us all to share in her love of dancing and the ample benefits of moving and shaking daily, on top of the fitness element. There are loads of her favourite healthy and realistic recipes from B.O.D nutritionist Jess Cox and a real online community for her members to talk through their achievements, struggles and ask questions directly. There is no denying that the heart of the programme is its founder Rachael. We’re so thrilled to chat with her about her journey to wellness, the philosophy behind B.O.D and why it’s the perfect fit for our those of us with hectic schedules.


Can you tell us a little about who you are, what you do and your journey towards wellness?

My number one role is Mumma to Violet and Dominic, and wife to Misha (who was also my amazing Dancing with the Stars partner in 2010)! I am a certified Health Coach (graduate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York), author of Happy, Healthy Strong, and founder of B.O.D (Body of Dance). B.O.D is an online health and fitness program that gives you the best healthy recipes, dance-inspired cardio and body toning workouts, and mindfulness exercises to give you a healthy body and a happy mind! I started competing in sport from a very young age and have always been interested in the body and how it functions. I love getting out of bed feeling amazing every day and I’m on a mission to find what will make me a better person. I want to share what I find with others every day!


Why did you create B.O.D? What is the philosophy behind it?

On my Dancing with the Stars journey, I met the love of my life and also fell in love with the incredible world of dance. The changes to my body and mind – my strength and fitness levels – inspired me to keep dancing long after the show was over. I wanted to share my newfound love, my healthy lifestyle and daily mindfulness and meditation with as many people as possible! The B.O.D philosophy is dancing, dining, dreaming, and defining your body. I am with you every step of the way.


What do you want B.O.D members to learn/take from the programme?

I want to empower the men and women of B.O.D to embrace healthy and happy lifestyle changes. I want to give people the tools to use in their life long after their B.O.D journey comes to an end. It is full of family friendly (aka quick and easy) recipes, with plenty of snacks, meditation and mindfulness exercises to keep you calm and in control in any situation. The dance workouts with myself, Misha, and Jacqui Heeney get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and will have you feeling flexible and fit in no time!


What is it that you love about dancing?

Dancing is so much fun – you’ll never see a B.O.D video without us smiling! Dancing improves mental health by increasing your happiness and works on memory, focus and special awareness. Physically, it improves bone density, promotes muscle density and strength (and giving you a gorgeous long, lean body), increases stamina and overall fitness levels helping to maintain a healthy weight, or for weight management. Who wouldn’t want all of that?


For our Twosix Corporate members why is B.O.D perfect for them and their hectic schedules?  

I work across a variety of roles – being a Mum, television, modelling, working with brands and developing B.O.D, so I have created this program to cater for all people with busy lives who want to get results and not have to leave their home. You can download your weekly grocery shop directly from B.O.D, and we have vegetarian and gluten-free menu options available. There’s no need to organise your day around getting to the gym during opening hours, as you can stream your workout videos anywhere. B.O.D is all about your performance, and not about perfection. You don’t have to worry about getting every move right, just by doing your very best and getting your body moving is fabulous!


Can you share what with our readers what makes you feel happy and balanced in life?

I feel happiest when I get the balance right! When I work on all of the aspects in my life equally, I notice a huge difference. If I work too much I don’t feel my best, if I don’t work enough I feel something missing. I’m all about listening to my body to give it what it needs on a daily basis.


What is your relationship with ‘you’ like these days? Has it changed or evolved since having children?

Life is definitely more full with children but I still make time in my schedule to do things for me. I think acts of self-love are incredibly important – they keep our internal fire burning and allow patience, gratitude and happiness to thrive. That may mean a facial every few weeks or my fave indulgence is a massage or some acupuncture!


With everything that you have on the go – multiple businesses, motherhood, and everything in between – how do you keep your energy up to stay on top of everything?
By practising self-love and meditating regularly, eating right, moving my body in fun ways and keeping all the aspects in my life as balanced as possible. We make time to fill our cups with everything – work, family, friends, fitness, food, celebrations, indulgences, travel, and the list goes on. ..


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From different people and experiences, for different reasons. I admire people in life who have pushed above the norm and beaten the unthinkable to be where they are. People like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris are examples of leaders I love listening to.


What’s a mantra you live by or trust in to guide you day to day?

Always listen to your body, it’s the smartest thing you know.



Quick Questions… 

After work, I like to… Have a bubble bath with the kids.

Happiness is…Not wanting anything more or thinking about what was before.

What makes me laugh…My brother.

Favourite Disney character? We named our dog ‘Simba’ from The Lion King.

I like my coffee with…Butter and brain octane oil.

Favourite Instagrammer at the moment…Dave Asprey.

If I were a vegetable I would be…Dark leafy greens.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? I never want to grow up.

Strange Indulgence? Ricotta cheese, roasted nuts and olive tapenade.

Tomorrow I will…Continue to learn about my body.


Join B.O.D now:

I: @rachael_finch

F: @rachaelfinchofficial



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