Purple Cabbage – Healthy & Tasty

October 29, 2014

6 reasons to add a little purple to your greens!

1. It’s jammed packed with minerals! A single serving of raw purple cabbage contains vitamin A, vitamin C and notable levels of folate and vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, potassium.

2. Purple cabbage is a great source of dietary fibre, its low in fat and is a healthy carbohydrate. (This fibre becomes easier to digest when the cabbage is cooked.)

3. Its packed with antioxidants! To get the most out of your cabbage, eat a mixture of raw and cooked purple cabbage.

4. It’s an anti-inflammatory vegetable. Our inflammatory system is often compromised because of the amounts of processed foods we eat, and lots of us experience chronic inflammation. Cabbage is believed to lower blood sugar levels and boost insulin production, reducing that nasty inflammation in our bodies.

5. How do you choose the best red cabbage? Find one that feels heavy, is bright and has crispy leaves. Avoid any that have puffy leaves or outer layers removed.

6. Make your own pickled cabbage (Sauerkraut) might sound a little strange but its extremely tasty and does wonders for your digestion, skin and mind!

Handy Tips: 

Lock in the colour by adding a touch of vinegar when cooking purple cabbage. This stops the lovely deep purple hue from running. 

When you cook the purple cabbage, avoid boiling it as it will remove the nutrients from the vegetable. Sautéing purple cabbage works best!

Do you have any recipes to share using cabbage? Let us know!…

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