Quick Tips To Stop Food Wastage

October 30, 2015

Use these quick tips to stop food going bad before you get a chance to eat it!

  1. Store raw nuts and flours in containers in the refrigerator to help them last longer without going rancid.
  2. Line your refrigerator’s crisper drawer with paper towels to absorb excess moisture. They’ll absorb excess moisture which will help keep produce longer.
  3. Separate your bananas from one another after buying, they spoil slower.
  4. Do not throw away nut meal from homemade nut milk – use it for smoothies, baked goods, or freeze it and save it for later.
  5. Use the vegetable pulp from juicing to add fiber to smoothies or make crackers or bread.
  6. Keep all citrus fruits in the fridge – they will last up to 1-2 weeks longer.
  7. Do not wash dark leafy greens or berries until they are ready to consume.
  8. Store herbs, spring onions, asparagus upright in a large glass filled with an inch of water
  9. Peel and freeze overripe bananas and use them to make your smoothies creamier.
  10. If you know you will not have a chance to eat it, freeze food before it goes bad.
  11. If your avocados are ripening too fast, place them in the fridge. It slows the ripening process.


Article by Kavisha, Food & Wellness Coach

Holding a Masters degree in Wellness, Kavisha combines her knowledge of whole food cooking with her passion for wellness to present educational workshops that make healthy eating easy and attainable. Driven to improve the health and wellbeing of corporate workers, Kavisha presents cooking classes and wellness workshops to teach health conscious, time-poor professionals how to move away from processed foods and start incorporating more health boosting whole foods into their diets.

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