Simple nutrition goals to improve your health

February 4, 2015

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions or intentions people make is to improve their health or reduce weight. Much of the time people set these intentions without having a clear path to follow or by making too many or too drastic changes. This leads to people falling off the bandwagon and putting their heath in the too hard basket.

Increase your vegetable intake on a daily basis…

  • Include 2 cups of fresh salad or vegetable with your lunch. Example: chicken, rice and salad.
  • Have at least one snack per day that is vegetables. Carrot or celery sticks with hummus or nut butter
  • Include another 2 cups of salad/vegetables with your dinner. If you are eating out, order a side of vegetables.

Increase your water intake…

  • Increasing your fibre intake by increasing your vegetable intake requires an increase in water.
  • Make sure you have an extra glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • Always carry a bottle with you. If you currently drink 1 bottle, increase to 2 bottles per day! (Yes, you will have to pee a lot more but your body and mind will thank you).

Avoid over eating..

  • See if you can go one day (and then keep trying each day) without overeating at any meal or snack.
  • Try listening to your body and only eating when you are actually hungry and stop eating when you are 80% full.


Try to implement these 3 changes on a daily basis…and be kind to yourself! 

Article by Karen Hill 

Karen is a university qualified nutritionist, completing a PhD in sports nutrition and exercise metabolism at Victoria University here in Melbourne. She is a mountain biker, self-confessed food nerd and promoter of simple healthy living.

Contact Karen directly via email:

Instagram – @karenhillnutrition

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