What foods to swap and ditch in 2018 BY TIFFINY HALL, FOUNDER OF TIFFXO.COM

March 7, 2018

Continuing a lifestyle transformation or even beginning the journey of your new healthy life doesn’t mean restrictions or a grumbling tum. Enjoying life isn’t about denying yourself, it’s all about making smart choices and swaps to ensure you still get to enjoy the meals that you love, for a fraction of the guilt – we’re here for a good time AND a long time.

I made sure that together with my experts that all tiffxo.com meals are simple and speedy, nutritious and tasty as they come. I also allow for when something pops up on plan that isn’t to your taste – it’s all easily swappable. I’m talking spice for spice, veg for veg, meat for meat, protein for protein… you get the gist. Learning how to swap ingredients from the plan has helped teach my Ninjas the tricks and tools to swap things when they’re out and about.

Try these things to swap it around, meaning your meal plans are still scrumptious, just a bit kinder to our health:


Lettuce do our best
Swap out the old and faithful iceberg lettuce for some iron-packed spinach. It’s more nutrient dense and a heck more versatile – it gets invited to all the parties and can be used in salads, wraps, stir-fries, omelettes and even smoothies.

Dress it up

Your salad doesn’t have to go naked, it’s just about making them a little more waistline friendly. Use a plain oil like olive oil (full of the good fats) and mix that guy with mustard, balsamic, lemon and lime or apple cider vinegar to make a salad dressing rather than use the premade ones from the supermarket hidden with preservatives and sugars.

I scream you scream
Being healthy really doesn’t mean you miss out! Blitz some frozen fruit with yoghurt and rather than that processed ice cream. If you want to go full fancy you can start adding in peanut butter and choc chips for the full not so naughty ice cream experience.

Don’t be salty
Snack time seems to arrive at the same time every afternoon (hello 3.30itis). If you find you’re craving a salty hit, choose air-popped popcorn tossed with some sea salt instead of that potato chip packet.

Sugar, ah honey honey
Ready for your arvo sugar hit? Why not let some natural sugars into your day, have a piece of fruit or 1 or 3 dates instead of those processed lollies and chocolate. It doesn’t mean delicious is off the table – try a baked apple with honey and sultanas instead of that apple pie.

Rice to meet you
Quinoa is an easy and simple swap for rice and couscous. Even though we eat quinoa like a grain, it’s actually a delicious gluten-free seed, chockers full of protein and can fit around breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

TLC needed
Finding ‘that’ time of the month is making you crave the whole chocolate aisle? Instead of reaching for that family sized block of chocolate, instead, make a hot chocolate using raw cacao and honey (my fave recipe is over at tiffxo.com). This is sure to hit the spot and provide that soothing comfort you were after.
For those times when you know the only thing that’s gonna cut it is chocolate, make sure it’s dark rather than milk, for the boost of antioxidants.

Yoghurt bound
Don’t think for one moment that the dairy section is off limits! Use Greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise or sour cream. Works perfectly in dressings or as a spread, can even be used in your Caesar salad or on top of your burrito bowl.

Don’t be a cereal killer

Sure, cereal and granola is a quick and easy option in the morning but more often than not, is packed with all kinds of cheeky sugar. All you gotta do swap it out for oats (or brown rice flakes/quinoa flakes if you’re gluten-free). You can easily make porridge and add some fresh fruit and yoghurt. Add a couple of tablespoons of oats in a smoothie to help you feel fuller for longer.

Lighten the load
Replace the trusty white potato with its sweet potato cousin. Heading out and craving a side of fries? Swap your usual potato for sweet potato fries and you’re in business baby! Try cauliflower rice or cauliflower for your mac and cheese instead of pasta or rice.

Gut health is cool
People underestimate the power of gut health and how closely it’s aligned with our mental health too. An easy way to help promote gut health is to eat more fermented foods. Bring on the flavour! Bring on the good bacteria! Bring on the kraut, kombucha, kefir, and kimchi.

Full fat is the way to go
Always go the full-fat option – none of this low-fat dairy stuff.  Foods in their closest to original form are less processed and fat does actually keep you full. Same goes for yogurt and cheese – just watch your portions!

You’re human and sometimes you’re not going to eat to plan. That’s okay! Just reset and the next day, start fresh. The point is not to repeat your bad day / bad meal / missing exercise, so never “two in a row”. By immediately resetting you’re giving yourself the best chance to get back on track but by repeating your mistakes your two bad days can easily turn into three, three into four, four into a week and then you’ve ruined all of your hard work.



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