Why a detox should be about more food not less!

November 8, 2017

Detoxification is a very natural and necessary process that is happening within our body every day. In an ideal world, where all we ate was the perfect balance of whole foods and we weren’t exposed to any toxins, this process would be very efficient. However, the reality is more like wholefoods in between the processed food and non-avoidable toxin exposure from pollution, household cleaning products, nonorganic produce, medication, plastic, fabrics, skin care products and the list goes on.  So it’s no wonder the organs and systems within our body struggle to keep up. In fact, the average Aussie can have 3-5kg of toxic waste in their bowels at any one time!

So putting your body through a comprehensive detox program can be a good way to give your body a break and allow it some catch-up time to improve its efficiency. However please note the word COMPREHENSIVE in the previous sentence. This is extremely important because to full detoxify there are so many things that need to be considered. Basically, the aim is to turn fat-soluble toxins into stable water-soluble substances that are easier to transport and can be excreted via urine and bile. There are many chemical reactions involved in this process that require the right balance of macronutrients, fluid intake, fibre intake, amino acid supply, antioxidants, inflammation precautions, enzyme co-factors, vitamin and mineral abundance and the list goes on.

Another important point to take note of is that this process is not only complicated but it takes time. Detoxification happens in two phases. Phase I is about chemical reactions that metabolise toxins into less harmful substances. Phase II is about packaging and transporting these substances to be eliminated from the body. My concern about many detoxes out there is that they don’t allow both phases to be completed. Take a 3-day juice fast for example. Besides the fact that one of the most important aspects of a detox is lacking (fibre), three days is only enough to begin phase I of the process. This means that toxins might be metabolised into a less harmful substance but if these substances aren’t excreted from the body then they can build up and circulate back into the blood system, causing more toxicity to the body.

So hopefully now you understand how complex a full detox can be and this is why my 21 Day Detox Program is about an abundance of food rather than abstinence. With so much support and many nutrients required for detoxification, my eating plan is designed to include as many of these nutrients and co-factors as possible. This means jam-packing the recipes with wholefoods including, and mainly, vegetables accompanied by small amounts of nuts, seeds, fruit, grains, legumes, fish, meat, and dairy. So although we also cut out sugar, gluten, and all processed food, this is actually not a hard task because there are so many wholefoods to be consumed throughout the program (and yep I’m talking full meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!). It’s not uncommon for my detoxers to tell me they are losing weight while eating more food than they usually do.

So if you have been considering a detox, come and do it with me – a qualified practitioner who actually does the detox with you and provides support and guidance every day of the program to make sure we not only draw out the toxins but also eliminate them from our bodies!


Article by Steph Wearne 

Steph Wearne is a Registered Nutritionist and holistic foodie whose recipes are a revelation for anyone wanting to feed their body good food whilst keeping it easy and seriously delicious! She owns a training and nutrition studio in Melbourne, has a blog full of amazing recipes, creates menus for popular cafes, and has developed life-changing programs and recipe collections to bring balance and happiness back to our food and bodies. She also loves to downward dog, dance to 90’s music, and eat chocolate in her spare time…dark and homemade of course!

W: www.bodygoodfood.com.au

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