10 Tips To Make Your Workers Healthy, Happy and Motivated

February 8, 2019

The most important asset of your company are your employees. That is why it is extremely important to understand their needs and keep them healthy, fresh and stress-free.People who are healthy and motivated will bring concrete benefits to your company. Taking care of their well-being is not just good for your employees. It’s also a smart move for your business as well.


Here are 10 things you can do to create happy and healthy employees.


#1 Ditch the Elevator. Take the Stairs.

Even though everybody likes the comfort offered by elevators, taking the stairs instead will greatly improve everybody’s health, especially in the long run. Ten minutes of using the stairs will consume up to 500 kJ. Informing employees about the benefits can motivate them to do something for their health. Consider setting the example, too.

#2 Getting Enough Sleep Is Vital

Getting enough sleep will increase energy level and improve your overall wellbeing. You need to encourage your employees to sleep at least 8 hours a day. A good way to help them with this would be to limit the amount of work they should do from home.

#3 Encourage Employees To Cycle To Work

Most people today come to work by car, which is both an environmental issue and a health problem. Convince people to use their bikes and you will be able to feel great knowing you did something for their health and the health of our environment.

#4 Choose Healthy Meals

Most people are not aware of it, but consuming low-quality food can make your energy levels suffer. This is why it is important to eat often and eat healthily. Teach your employees about the value of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Preach diverse dietary habits, eating starchy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins. Set up posters in the office reminding employees to drink enough water.

#5 Go For Face To Face Meetings

Once in awhile, prioritise face-to-face meetings instead of online ones. This will get everyone involved off their desks and walk thus getting instant exercise. Interpersonal relations will improve and you will save on the energy used while talking to computers.

#6 Tidy Up Your Washrooms

If you want your people working out, give subtle incentives. Honestly, nobody would like to get back to work all sweaty. To help them freshen up, a shower and some lockers will do the trick. Moreover, make sure that your office washroom is perfectly clean.

#7 Meet With Health Gurus

Organize and invite nutritionists, health and fitness experts who can share useful information to those who are eager to start leading a healthier lifestyle. Some of the topics they can start with include; managing work-life balance, healthy eating on a budget, and better posture and movement among others.

#8 Organize A Family Day Regularly

It would be wonderful to have a family day event at your office. Each employee can bring along their loved ones, whether spouses, children or parents to meet the people they work with. This will be a great way to encourage your employees to develop a better work-life balance.

#9 Have A Daycare Service At Work

Working moms and dads can have the hardest time focusing on the job if they know their babies are not in the best care. Take the worry off their shoulders by arranging for a daycare service within the office building. That way they can peek on their young ones and have the peace of mind to work knowing their little ones are in good hands.

#10 Allow Your Employees To Spend Some Time To Recharge

Be it 5,15 or 45 minutes, your employees need some time for themselves to relax, refocus or recharge your energies. They will definitely feel happier, more efficient and focused to take on the rest of the day’s demands if they are able to dedicate a couple of moments to their own well-being.
All these steps are really easy to implement and should take no time to be put into practice. If you need more inspiration, we suggest you check out this exclusive resource with even more ideas. Reading it will make you fully equipped to make your workplace environment enjoyable for all your employees.



Article by Katrina McKinnon

Katrina McKinnon is the Community Outreach Manager for Alsco Australia. Alsco is Australia’s leading providers of linen, workwear, commercial floor mats, industrial cleaners, first aid kits and washroom hygiene services.

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