Boost your working day with these simple wellness tips

May 15, 2017

Just can’t be bothered? These tips will boost your motivation and improve your workday.


If things are still not winding down for you and you’ve you got a to-do list a mile long, you’re not alone. So many people this time of year just can’t see how they’ll ever get through everything and wrap it up – so to speak – before Christmas…. Let alone, leave the office in time to get to that yoga class. Finding the perfect ‘work-life balance’ can feel impossible – especially with a break on the horizon – but there are ways to bring some wellness into your work day, and just one of these could make the day that little bit more bearable.

1. Eat a nutritious breakfast

If you start out with a healthy breakfast, you set the mood for lunch. Eating breakfast has been proven to keep the mind sharp, get the metabolism going and will help keep your brain clear and body active all day. Remember, it doesn’t have to be boring; you can be creative with breakfast. Try hard boiled eggs, avocado toast, banana, and full-fat yoghurt or a protein smoothie.

2. Take those team meetings outside – nothing gets the brain working more than fresh air

Fresh air is free and a fantastic way to get refreshed and energised. Grab your colleagues and head outdoors; leave the laptop behind and instead take a pen and paper… just being outdoors will inspire you to share great new ideas with your team.

3. Add a list of affirmations on your bulletin board

Use the space around you, make the first thing that you see in a common space remind and reinforce the things that you love and are excited about.

4. Add a 10-minute meditation into your day as a morning tea break

Swap your second coffee for a few minutes of quiet time. Find a comfy space in the office. Close your eyes and connect with your breath and notice the change in the body as you begin to get centred.

5. Start a lunchtime walking group

Beat the mid-day energy slump and squeeze in any short burst of exercise during your lunch break. If you are working on a computer for most of the day, take time away from the desk by going for an energetic walk with colleagues. Just 10 minutes can help fight the feelings of tiredness and improve your energy levels.

6. Take the stairs, not the lift

We’re all about incidental exercise, especially if the benefits are happening without even trying! Try incorporate your stair climb in your everyday activity, rather than taking the lift. If you’re feeling super motivated, you may even add in mid-morning climb while you read over notes for your next meeting. Small changes like this to your day-to-day can make a big difference to your fitness and health.

7. Create a healthy snack drawer

If you’re like most of us, no matter how ‘good’ you’ve been all day, once 3pm hits you reach straight for the sweets, hoping for a quick burst of energy without stopping to think of the effects – a sugar slump, loss of concentration and more fatigue. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep healthy snacks like nuts and fruit at your desk so you have something healthy to munch on when hunger strikes. Our top picks are almonds, veggies sticks with hummus, and green tea.

8. Share your own personal health & wellness milestones with your colleagues

We’re not suggesting you turn into That Guy from Marketing and tag everyone in your gym selfies – just that you simply start chatting with your co-workers about your own health and wellness milestones, this will not only keep you accountable but might even inspire others to follow suit.

9. Breathe! Before a meeting take 10 mindful breaths

Oxygen feeds our brain – and we all know breathing can be incredibly calming. When you take that deep breath when you’re stressed is the most economical and effective way to calm the mind and body and bring focus within.

10.Create a space in the office for quiet time

Take short ‘you’ breaks throughout your day. Find a space within the office that allows you to be alone for a moment. It’s an important tool to find pause. Switching our attention away from our work gives a different part of our brain the opportunity to step in and problem solve.



This article was penned by TWOSIX Wellness, the holistic health and workplace wellbeing experts based in Melbourne.



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