Does bringing lunch to work actually save money? Yes!

June 22, 2018

Going out for lunch every day may seem like a harmless workday routine but it could actually be costing you more than you think. If we assume lunch costs $15 and you go out five times per week, that’s $300 per month. However, making your own lunch isn’t free. Generally, it will be $4 – $5 per lunch, so if we choose $5, you will save $10 each time you bring your lunch to work. That’s a saving of $40 per week (giving yourself one day to eat out), $160 a month or $1760 a year (assuming you take 4 weeks annual leave). And that’s a return flight ticket to Europe!

So, how do you easily bring a healthy lunch to work?

1. Make larger dinners by doubling recipes.

Get into the habit of doubling your dinner recipes. Or if you’re cooking for two people make a recipe that serves four. Throw leftovers into a container and take it for lunch the next day. This will help you save money and time as you won’t have to cook or head out to buy lunch the next day. Other foods such as a big vegetable lasagna or salmon/mince patties can also be easily cooked in bulk, frozen and then reheated at work to eat for lunch throughout the week.

2. Always keep simple lunch staples on hand.

Bring lunch items to work at the start of the week and keep them in the staff kitchen. Simple but filling lunches are easy to make with the following items.

Pre-packed brown rice packs, which can be easily heated in the microwave (just make sure there are no added flavours or other nasties)

Pre-packed greens such as a bag of spinach or rocket

Hard-boiled eggs (which can be kept in a container in the fridge for 5 days)

Pre-cooked chicken

Feta cubes

Sustainable canned meats like salmon or sardines

Tinned 4-bean mix

Easy to eat fruit such as apples, pears, stone fruit, bananas, and grapes.


Article by Kavisha Jega  


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