Make These Small Changes To Your Working Day

April 7, 2017

Here are a few easy and realistic things that will bring wellness into your workplace. It’s the little changes over times that make the difference, after all.


Go outdoors for your next meeting 

You’ve heard that “sitting is the new smoking” so take advantage of mid-morning and mid-afternoon meetings to get up and find 30. If it’s a phone meeting, grab your headphones and go for a walk around the office. If that’s not an option, stay in your office but stay standing and move around. If you have an informal face to face meeting, grab your colleague and go for a walk outside. Not only will you get fresh air but you’ll also get some old fashioned vitamin D, which will refresh and recharge you. Step count: up.

Eat right to feel and work better 

Cookies, muffins, chocolate, even the strongest and most disciplined person can break when tired and/ or hungry. Be prepared for mid-afternoon crashes by planning ahead.

Keep your desk drawer or office kitchen cupboard stocked with nourishing protein-packed snacks to boost your energy, mood, stabilise blood sugar levels and keep you satiated. Plus, if you buy these on your weekly grocery shop, you might end up saving money, too. Win.

Drink water all day 

Dehydration leads to exhaustion, food cravings and foggy memory. Drinking eight to ten glasses every day will help keep you hydrated and alert. The easiest way to do this is to buy a large stainless steel or glass bottle, fill it up with water and make sure you’re refilling it three to four times a day. An easy way to remember this is to set a computer or phone alarm for every couple of hours. If you haven’t finished the water by the alarm, it will remind you to drink up before you refill. If you find it hard to drink so much water try eating foods with high water content. Fruits like oranges, watermelon, apples and cucumbers are a great place to start.

Clear and organise the space around you

Cleanliness matters because dust and bacteria can have a negative impact on your health. If you work in an enclosed office building you can easily get sick as a result of chemical or biological contaminants, inadequate ventilation or electromagnetic radiation, to name a few. As well as keeping things well organised and getting rid of any useless clutter, try adding plants to your desk or office. Indoor plants can help create a pleasant environment as they’re both visually appealing and clean the air. Plus, they’re uplifting, and a happy, clean space will create an atmosphere of order, which will help you get. Things. Done.


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