What are co-working spaces doing to shake up the traditional way of working?

November 6, 2017

The rise of hybrid workplaces has seen a complete shake-up to the traditional way of working – from both a business and personal perspective. Gone are the days of five-year leases, with no concern for changes in a business. The numbers of co-working hubs in Melbourne has increased by 35% in the last year, which comes as no surprise.

What businesses can now enjoy is short-term commitment; the ability to expand and contract at a moment’s notice – and many more services.

Co-working, such as CreativeCubes.Co (Cubes) offers member benefits far beyond the traditional thoughts associated with ‘co-working’. What’s offered at the new Cubes facility in Cremorne is a full-time ‘Happiness Team’ – a 6-star member service, inspired by ‘concierge culture’ with the view of bringing mindfulness to businesses from the inside-out.


The Benefits

The Happiness Team enables businesses to have that extra hand to ‘get shit done’ and not spend company resources on odd jobs. For example, as ordinary as it sounds… grabbing coffee might eat 30 minutes a day into the company, which is 2.5 hours a week of resources per person. At Cubes, simply ask the team and anything/everything can be taken care of.

Internal Event Space

Event spaces are another game-changer within co-working. At Cubes, an independent events team not only offers professional and personal development for members looking to execute 5-star product launches or presentations but industry events and guest speakers will also be hosted within the innovative Cubes event space for members to join – all with leading technology and furniture.

Less paperwork

From a business standpoint, what’s shaking up what it is we call ‘work’ is the simplicity of ‘one invoice’ – rent, parking, amenities, technology, meeting rooms, event space, showers, and printing. Co-working manages the coordination of suppliers at zero extra cost so businesses can focus on their goals, rather than managing office space and needs. It’s a cost-effective win across the board.

Creative Community

On a personal level, being surrounded by individuals with the common goal of winning’ is where co-working creates innovation. If you choose your facility wisely, you’ll be in the loop of all the action, events, new developments and inspiration from businesses who want to succeed – businesses aren’t simply ‘silo’d’ to their own space or floor. At Cubes, one of the core beliefs the facility has been built on is that surrounding yourself with other go-getters helps raise your own standards. What businesses are now exposed to is growth opportunities and ideas, and the ability to stay lean on operations and to connect with like-minded members.

With members able to choose what they want and when they want it, co-working is the ‘office’ of the future.



Words by Tobi Skovron –  Entrepreneur & CreativeCubes.Co Co-Founder

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