What is the value of allowing corporate staff to spend time in co-working spaces?

October 2, 2017

We ask Tobi Skovron Entrepreneur and CreativeCubes.Co Co-Founder why corporate companies should allow their staff to spend at least one day working from a co-working space? and what value can these spaces have on businesses? 

A small story on the value of allowing corporate staff to spend time in co-working spaces…

I sold my company to a large corporate of more than 800 staff, then grew my next venture to 13 staff and several private offices in a co-working location in Santa Monica, California. I refused to move my company to its own premises because I feared we’d be shut off from the world and the epicentre of innovation, disruption and smart people that I could leverage to improve my business… without having to have these people on payroll.

Being in a co-working location furthered the business because of the influencers, lunches, post-work drinks and events that were right in front of my private office where an additional 150+ businesses operated. Those relationships are still strong today and it’s an easy email, call or Google hangout to pull those contacts (now friends) into a meeting to drive businesses (old and new) even further. It creates a win-win for all.

In today’s world, I can’t stress how influential and critical it is to submerge yourself, or your staff, in this ‘winning’ environmental. If corporates are looking to be on-the-ground and in front of their customers and their customer’s customer, in my opinion, there is no better place to do so than a buzzing, like-minded co-working facility.

To some, co-working is an affordable rental, low commitment and a space to work. But, if you utilise the services and value, embrace a community of go-getters and people that influence the next wave of innovation/ways to do business, you’ll gain far more to advance yourself and your company… well beyond any expectations.

It’s these environments that could easily spark an idea of help pivot your thinking into a blockbuster product or winning business. No two days at a co-working space are the same, with so many incredible moving pieces, there is endless learning opportunities and much to embrace.


Words by Tobi Skovron –  Entrepreneur & CreativeCubes.Co Co-Founder



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