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“People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”

When we exercise and fuel our bodies with goodness, we feel on top of the world! Give your staff or clients the gift of feeling elated and positive while staying at the forefront of their minds with our Twosix Wellness Packages!

Please select from a range of package options below:

Client Gifts

Our wonderful and unique range of packages allows you to find the perfect gift for your valued client.

Staff Gifts

We offer a range of packages perfectly suited to reward your staff. Why not offer them private Yoga sessions + a healthy lunch delivery as a reward for their hard work and dedication.

Team Building

Looking for the perfect way to bond with your team? Include a weekly Yoga/Pilates session and give your staff the opportunity to interact and build relationships while being healthy and active.

Tailored Packages

Tailor a unique package to suit you, your team or clients needs.

Our packages can include any of the following services:

Yoga | Pilates | Boxing | Nutrition Seminars | Mental Health Programs | Healthy Cooking Demonstrations | Meditation | Massage | Tai Chi | Group Dance Class |  Cold Pressed Juice Delivery | Healthy Food Delivery

Contact us to build your package today!


Most people have no idea just how good their body is designed to feel.