Lamb Souvlaki Bowl from Tiffiny Hall

Gluten Free | Egg Free | Nut Free 

Veggie Pad Thai Recipe

Makes 3 servings | Takes 30 minutes Who doesn’t love a pad thai? This recipe leaves out the usual proteins but you won’t miss them. Of course, you can add chicken or tofu if you like but I recommend you go without. A good pad thai just has those peanut and

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Rachael Finch shares her favourite on-the-go recipe – Hazelnut & Cacao Protein Balls

This recipe for Hazelnut & Cacao Protein Balls take 15 minutes to make and are beautiful to grab when you’re on the go!

Immune Boosting Winter Smoothie

Blueberry, Ginger, Tahini Smoothie.  I love making a simple immune boosting smoothie in the morning at the start of winter. This one is simple and filling. Don’t be afraid to add savoury items to your smoothies.    Ingredients: 1 cup almond milk 1/2 frozen banana 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1 heaped

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Self-Love Cacao Pudding

Originally Posted November 2014  While chocolates and sweets may make us feel good in the short-term, in the long-term they do nothing for our health of our bodies. When I’m after something decadent, chocolatey and sweet, this is my go to recipe! Not only does it taste AMAZING but it’s

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6 Ridiculous Roast Chickpea Recipes; Your New Favourite Snack

Top 6 Roast Chickpea Recipes The method will be the same with all of these so let’s get that down first.

Spinach Polenta with Thyme Mushrooms

As much as I love sweet breakfasts, I really crave savoury breakfasts in the morning. By starting my day like this I find that I have less sugar cravings during the day as my blood sugar is more constant. It’s super important to buy organically grown mushrooms as they absorb

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Cherry Bomb Time; The Sugar Free Dessert Your Tastebuds Need

Do you crave sweet foods after every savoury meal? Do you need something cheeky after dinner to please the palate? My answers are yes and definitely. 

Eggplant, Millet & Pomegranate Salad

Millet is one of my favourite gluten free grains with a lovely fluffy texture it substitutes perfectly into recipes in place of couscous. Full of B-vitamins, magnesium and acting as a prebiotic, this fluffy little seed is a must try! This salad is my celebration of Middle Eastern flavours combining

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Immune Boosting Ginger Tea

Originally Published March 20th, 2015    Leading up to Winter, the best thing you can do to help protect your body from infection is to strengthen your immune system naturally with immune-boosting foods, like Ginger!

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