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Power & Strength: Exploring the six most powerful Pilates moves

Pilates is a constant exploration of mind and body and at any given time each person will find different exercises to be powerful or strong, depending on where they are in their Pilates practice. I believe a powerful exercise doesn’t necessarily need to be the most challenging exercise; it can

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The Mind When Housed Within a Healthful Body Possesses a Glorious Sense of Power

When the word relationship is presented in front of us we often think about the external relationships in our life, boyfriend, girlfriend, work, friends, brothers, and sisters. But, how often do you think about your relationship with yourself?

Pilates – The Emotional Benefits

When we think about the benefits of Pilates, we so frequently think about the rock hard abs, taught and toned limbs and the model worthy posture. But how about the smile on your face?

What you need to know before your first Pilates class…

Pilates is an amazing exercise that can be practiced by all. Its benefits are outstanding and generally quite underestimated. That is why we absolutely recommend you try it for yourself! But before you pull on your favourite lulu get up and rush out the door to class, it is great

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Static Exercises – The Benefits

Static, or isometric (the fancy name) exercises are those small movements in your body you do which create tension in the muscle without changing the length of the muscle. A literal translation is: iso– means equal,, metric – length!   What are the benefits of these exercises? They work to strengthen and condition the

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Pilates for Men

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.” Joseph Pilates In the first few months of teaching Pilates I was surprised with how many of my male friends began to ask about my classes and about whether

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Pilates 101 – Finding your T zone

If you have ever been to a Pilates class, you would have heard the word TZONE over and over again! Lets get this mystery body part revealed! Your T-Zone in Pilates is your transverse abdominis and your pelvic floor muscles. They are the muscles of your core which support your lower

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