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The FüD Revolution – Healthy Vending Machines

The FüD Revolution is happening!  We chat with Co-Founder Laura about her innovative and healthy vending machines that house nutritious and delicious compact meals that are readily available, affordable and cater to all our dietary demands. Tell us a little about The FüD Revolution? The FüD Revolution is the lovechild

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Local Love – Yoga Hub Melbourne

Meet our Local Love Lauren Jeffreys, founder of community organisation Yoga Hub Melbourne. Believing that yoga should be accessible to anybody, Lauren has created a wonderful assembly of yoga teachers who offer low-cost and donation classes across Victoria. We are so excited to welcome Lauren and her Yoga Hub Melbourne team to

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A look inside the KX Group with Aaron Smith

Why did you decide to bring Dynamic Pilates workout to Australia? I walked into Bootcamp Pilates in London and just loved the vibe. I loved the people, the principles behind dynamic pilates and it just worked. I loved teaching and seeing my clients get results and from that day I

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Life as a dancer – A conversation with Shelley Skinner

Introducing Shelley Skinner – Professional dancer… Out of all the sports in the world, dance would have to take out the number one spot on my list. There is something so joyous, so magical about moving your body to music and just letting yourself be.

Healthy New Year promises made by our Local Loves!

‘What’s your New Years resolution?” This can really be a daunting question,  for most of us we tend not to set them or if we do, after week one that self-made promise disappears into the abyss.

Local Love – Almond Milk Co

“Things change, you think you know what almond milk tastes like because you tried it a year ago, try the new kid on the block!” Meet Cameron Earl the creative mind behind Almond Milk Co. When we met with Camron it wasn’t just his passion for creating a delicious alternative to soy/dairy

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Local Love – Green Press

Green Press was imagined by brothers James and Miles. Currently home for this wonderland is right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and were so thrilled to welcome the entire team to our Twosixmag community.

Local Studio- RiseYoga

If you haven’t noticed we are currently in the age of YOGA! This wonderful practice is front and centre with studios, schools of yoga and individual teachers popping up everywhere teaching a vast array of styles including some very groovy hybrid combinations. The Yoga evolution in the west has created

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Community Cookbook from Arthur Street Kitchen

A delicious addition to every cookbook collection! Arthur Street Kitchen have created this amazing salad bible and its right up our food-loving-alley. Their concept is simple keep your food natural, use organic produce, always have fun with your salads, go back through the archives and recreate old classics and of course

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