Finding Inspiration in a Hectic World

There comes a time in everyone’s life where inspiration seems hard to come by. Busy schedules, family life, procrastination, a mountain of commitments – all of this can place creative outlets and passions on the backburner and dampen inspiration and vision. With the steps below, you can be on your

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Understanding the Body in Spring Through Chinese Medicine

As the sun peeps from behind the clouds and the temperature slowly begin to rise, our energy starts to lift. Spring represents a new beginning after our long hibernation during the winter months. We have nurtured ourselves in preparation for new growth. Spring is the time to reap the benefits

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How Magnesium Can Benefit Your Training

Whether you enjoy running for leisure or implementing a training program into your weekly routine, it’s important your body is always functioning at its best. While it’s estimated up to 75% of the Australian population is magnesium deficient, those who exercise regularly are more likely to become depleted of this

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Keeping Your ‘Why’ Alive – We have a choice in every moment.

Everything you have in your life is something you have chosen. Be it your work, your relationships, your hobbies, and even your daily habits. However, are these things you’ve actively chosen consciously, or have they evolved on an unconscious level? It’s important to remember that you have choice at every

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It’s Cold Outside

How can we stay healthy, energised and feeling our best during the winter months? Winter is naturally a time of hibernation and a time to take things slow, however being modern life we still have the everyday demands that don’t stop just because it’s cold outside.  What can we do

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The Importance of Rituals

Rituals can be anything from a religious or spiritual practice, to something as mundane as taking the same route to work, or a particular sequence in which you do things in the morning. Whilst some may cringe at the thought of sticking to a schedule or structure the proof is

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Do You Know What Your Body Is Telling You?

Our bodies are seriously amazing, often we don’t really give them the credit they deserve. Every single day it talks to us and gives us the vessel to experience the magic that is life! It tells us when it’s hungry, when it’s tired, when it’s sore when it’s cold, hot, happy,

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Things You Might Not Know About Your Health

Health trends come and go as we are constantly bombarded by information from new studies about what’s good and what’s bad for our bodies. Sometimes, the facts can contradict each other and be misleading. Here, Health and Fitness Travel, Australia’s experts in tailor-made healthy holidays, compiled a list of useful

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Living up to the ‘New You’

The New Year is upon us, and unfortunately that can bring with it a significant amount of pressure. Pressure to be a ‘new you’. A healthier, wealthier and happier you. Often, you feel these expectations placed upon you by friends, work colleagues and family members. You can’t control the opinions

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The Top 10 Health Trends To Look Out For In 2017

2016 was the year of turmeric and matcha lattes, fermented foods, collagen, charcoal skin care, boutique exercise classes, wellness holidays, blue algae’s and mindfulness.  We’re normally at the front end of these trends so let’s take a look at our predictions for 2017.

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