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How To Boost Your Energy Without Coffee Or Sugar.

Artificial stimulants be gone. Here are 3 natural ways to boost your energy without coffee or sugar!

How To Make The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Unless you’re a sedentary person with a perfect diet, you suffer from inflammation. I certainly do.

How to Food Plan Like a Rock Star!

Before I started my health kick I used to open the fridge door at work at look at the shelves of homemade lunches with envy. There they stood, packed lovingly the night before full of healthy looking goodness. I wanted to be like those who made at work food look

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The Protein Showdown – Animals vs Plants

With all the diet trends out there it’s hard to know what’s good for you. Protein is especially tricky. We know that we need it. But how much? And from what source? It’s particularly hard when you talk about animal protein. The enormous Paleo tribe will tell you we thrive

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The Easy 5 Day Healthy Breakfast Meal Plan

Here is a 5-day breakfast meal plan to help get you into some good habits:

7 Exceptional Overnight Oat Recipes To Save Your Day

A health blog staple. Overnight oats. Soak raw oats for at least a few hours, if not overnight, and they go from chewy to tasty. The common technique is to make this before bed and you’ll have a breakfast present waiting for you in the fridge. As someone who is

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The Benefits Of ‘Super-foods’ & How To Use Them

A super-food is defined as a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. While I still believe that organic fruit and veg are the best superfoods you can put into your body, the following “superfoods” are nutrient dense, provide amazing health benefits and are easy to

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Want To Eat Less Sugar? Try These Simple Tips…

Top 7 Ways To Cut Down Sugar from Local Legends Green Press 

Everyday Healthy Habit Hacks

Establishing a healthy diet isn’t just about cutting calories or passing on all processed foods. It’s about changing the way you approach your meals for an overall sense of well-being. We’re no nutritionists but we like to encourage healthy eating habits for life over unrealistic dietary restrictions.

Everything You Need To Know About Iron

KOJA Health was started as a real food alternative to synthetic supplements and pills. We believe in eating real food in order to feel better and it’s our mission to make Australians Healthier! There’s so many vitamins and minerals available in real food sources which is where we believe we

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