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Is Coffee Healthy? How Much Can I Have? You’ll Be Shocked At The Results

Let’s investigate the holy grail of health questions. Is coffee healthy? Before we get into the science, let me tell you about my relationship with the black stuff. I like coffee. The smell, the taste, the feeling. I normally have two strong cups a day. A long black with cinnamon helps me

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How to Order the Healthiest Coffee

Coffee is full of wonderful antioxidants and there is evidence to suggest it can help with type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons and burn fat. But let’s be honest, coffee is a stimulant that the majority of us use to function normally. It over stimulates adrenal glands and if you’re like me,

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Where to go – Top Paddock

Top Paddock was awarded best cafe in The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014 this week, and as a massive fan I thought it only fair that I shared a few more of the beautiful dishes that I’ve had the pleasure of trying at this favourite of mine. I’ve made no secret of

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Where to go – Chez Dre

I’ve made no secret of my love for Chez Dré, right around the corner from the South Melbourne markets. On a weekday, it has a relaxed peaceful feeling (perfect for studying, working or escaping work!). And on a weekend it has a lively infectious vibe full of laughter, talking AND people

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