Local Love Chris Wilson – Owner of Yoke Yoga

Our latest Local Love Chris Wilson is the incredible mind and Founder behind the beautiful  Yoke Yoga studios in South Melbourne & Torquay. We chat to Chris about his unexpected move to the coast, why he believes meditation is a powerful tool to make positive changes and what to expect

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Health Drinks & Where To Sip Them

Make every hour a happy hour with five of our favourite health drinks. Whether you’re recovering from a wonderful weekend, a big night out or you’re just feeling a bit under the weather, these liquid miracle workers will have you back in tip-top shape in no time.

26 things about Samantha Lippiatt

26 things about Samantha Lippiatt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Australia’s only dedicated healthy holiday company – Health and Fitness Travel

Meet Local Love Ziah Lane of NO ISSUES

NO ISSUES is an Australian brand that’s introduced tree free household products, including facial tissues, toilet paper, paper towels and travel tissue packs to supermarket isles. Made from renewable and sustainable bamboo (a grass that grows back in front of your eyes!) and are the only premium, environmentally friendly tissue

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Meet Brinkley Davis – Waterbaby Yogi & Eco Warrior

Brinkley Davies grew up surrounded by the water. At a young age, she decided to be part of the ocean conservation movement. By using the social media platform she has been able to raise awareness and spread the word on many issues worldwide that are being battled by conservationists and scientists,

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Meet the Duo behind Gravity Initiative

Together, Will and Em started Gravity – a not for profit initiative that aims to improve student wellbeing at universities across Victoria. As students ourselves, we felt there were inadequate services available to university students that worked to encourage conversations surrounding mental health and provide students with preventative mental health

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Meet Local Love Lauren Pell – Founder & Creator of Colour & Coconuts Wellness Festival

The coolest event is about to hit our town, and we’re lucky enough to catch this multi-talented lady (the brains behind the wellness festival) before her world explodes with possibilities!

26 Things – Sammy Veall Owner & Founder Of Yoga 213

26 things about Sammy Veall, Owner & Founder Of Yoga 213… 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received? The most important thing in life is to be happy. 2. 6 things that make you smile? My dog tilly, listening to loud music, my mum, my sister, dancing, yoga. 3.

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Meet Local Love Damon Gameau – The Man Behind That Sugar Film

I’m sure anyone who has taken the time to watch ‘That Sugar Film’  would agree that the message Damon is sending is almost as addictive as the sugar itself. We found ourselves quickly jumping on the sweet-evading bandwagon and completely supporting the venture he had so courageously tackled, setting out

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Taking Control with Body Kinect

As part of Men’s health month at Twosixmag, we at Body Kinect wanted to shine a light on some of our male clients who are making positive steps every day to improve their health. Our clients live with mental illness and the reality is that in this demographic the risk

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