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The Healing Power of Art – Q&A with Artist Vida Ryan

TWOSIX Local Love-Artist Vida Ryan reveals her path to becoming an artist and why she believes the power of art changed her life, plus she shares her creative process and see how she creates her inspiring art.

26 things – Laura Anderson of The FüD Revolution

26 things about Laura Anderson Co-Founder of The FüD Revolution – Healthy Vending Machines

Meet Local Love – Laura Anderson Co-Founder of FüD Revolution

Meet Local Love Laura Anderson one-half of the super-team behind The FüD Revolution. Along with her partner Laura developed a range of unique vending outlets that run completely independently, stocked fresh daily with a huge range of genuinely healthy meals, snacks, and other delicious items committed to promoting health and

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The FüD Revolution – Healthy Vending Machines

The FüD Revolution is happening!  We chat with Co-Founder Laura about her innovative and healthy vending machines that house nutritious and delicious compact meals that are readily available, affordable and cater to all our dietary demands. Tell us a little about The FüD Revolution? The FüD Revolution is the lovechild

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26 Things – Emily Hazell Founder of Serotonin Eatery

As soon as you walk into Seratonin Eatery on Madden Grove in Burnley, you know you’re in for a treat! From the gorgeous Japanese style booths to the swing sets (if you are feeling a little more fun), this is the perfect sanctuary to escape your fast paced life – a

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26 things – Nic Davidson of Matcha Maiden

26 things about Nic Davidson 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received?   Best advice I received was from a mentor in my first startup when I was 21, it was “don’t worry about what your competition is doing, worry about what you’re doing” – I still think

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26 things – Hugh Lee

26 things about Hugh Lee 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received? To love yourself unconditionally 2. 6 things that make you smile? 1) My wife 2) My wife’s smile and laughter 3) Quality time spent with my wife 4) a hug 5) staying in a long Yin

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Meet Local Love – Emma Barr Founder Of Yogi.Peace.Club

One of the greatest feelings is in the world is being able to turn what you love into a thriving business, Emma Barr is one of the lucky ones. Her love of the beach, yoga, travel and fashion inspired her to start Yogi.Peace.Club. Here she tells us what led her

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Rebuilding With Andrea Clarke – Part Two

My Thoughts, Health & Moving Forward

Rebuilding With Andrea Clarke – Part One

Five Steps I Took To Start Rebuilding My Confidence.

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