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21 days of tongue scraping & why everyone needs to try it

What is Tounge Scrapping?  Tongue scraping is a principle that developed from Ayurvedic medicine. Basically, when we sleep our bodies start to heal removing bacteria and toxins from the body. For our digestive system, this detoxification method is through the tongue. A layer of bacteria builds on the tongue. First

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Do You Know What Your Body Is Telling You?

Our bodies are seriously amazing, often we don’t really give them the credit they deserve. Every single day it talks to us and gives us the vessel to experience the magic that is life! It tells us when it’s hungry, when it’s tired, when it’s sore when it’s cold, hot, happy,

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Meet Local Love – Marissa Frew Founder of Rocket and Beets

“Having a Happy Body is about living your best life. Not extreme measures to weight loss, body obsession or harsh juice cleanses.”  We couldn’t agree more! Which is why we’re so inspired to introduce our latest Local Love the seriously gorgeous inside & out Marissa Frew Founder of Rocket and

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