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Local Love – Jarryd Burns Co-founder of Thankyou

Meet our latest Local Love Jarryd Burns the co-founder and Commercial Director at Thankyou. From a very young age, Jarryd has been both tremendously business-focused and passionate about making a powerful difference in this world. As a result, Jarryd jumped at the opportunity to be part of launching Thankyou Water

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The Impact of Workplace Wellbeing: An Interview with Olly Bridge

On a mission to change the way we work in Australia, Olly Bridge originally came from a Sports & Exercise Science degree specializing in Exercise Physioogy. He worked with some of the top names in Formula One as well as the British Olympic Gymnastic Team.  It was after moving into

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Meet Local Love Jonquil – Sustainable Organic Cotton Bedding

At the age of 25, Sasha moved out of home, got engaged, rescued her two beautiful mastiffs, renovated on a budget and embarked on a PhD in childhood epilepsy. Sasha couldn’t wait to get to designing her bedroom. She curated and repurposed old furniture pieces, hunted down antique distressed rugs from

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Work Life Spotlight – Drink Less Mind Founder Georgia Foster

Meet Georgia Foster, the world celebrated hypnotherapist, top selling author, international speaker and creator of life changing programs. Whether you need to learn how to drink less alcohol, grow your self-esteem, quiet your mind and your life her workshops cater to anybody and everybody. We’re so excited to welcome Georgia to

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Meet Local Love Tiffiny Hall

Meet our latest Local Love the super dynamic, charismatic and gorgeous Tiffany Hall. You may know her from her role in the revival of Gladiators, or her time on the Biggest Loser or Channel Tens The Living Room, you may have one of her eight published books, or wear her

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Meet Local Love Ray Good Co-Founder of Recharge

Meet our Local Love Ray Good a once globe-trotting DJ and entrepreneur, who encountered first hand the impact of stress on his wellbeing that led him to find his own meditation practice and then to becoming a mindfulness teacher. Ray has over 25 years of meditation learning and is passionate

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26 things about Samantha Lippiatt

26 things about Samantha Lippiatt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Australia’s only dedicated healthy holiday company – Health and Fitness Travel

Meet Brinkley Davis – Waterbaby Yogi & Eco Warrior

Brinkley Davies grew up surrounded by the water. At a young age, she decided to be part of the ocean conservation movement. By using the social media platform she has been able to raise awareness and spread the word on many issues worldwide that are being battled by conservationists and scientists,

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Meet Local Love – Marissa Frew Founder of Rocket and Beets

“Having a Happy Body is about living your best life. Not extreme measures to weight loss, body obsession or harsh juice cleanses.”  We couldn’t agree more! Which is why we’re so inspired to introduce our latest Local Love the seriously gorgeous inside & out Marissa Frew Founder of Rocket and

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Meet Local Love Manoj Dias – Founder of Mindful Organisation A-SPACE

Meditation, breathing, reflecting, practicing, and connecting this is what really enriches Manoj’s life. Through his own journey and discovery he found that mediation was above all – a healing influence, and deciding to teach was a natural progression. Taking his own experiences and learnings to his students has made him a much-loved name

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