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The Impact of Workplace Wellbeing: An Interview with Olly Bridge

On a mission to change the way we work in Australia, Olly Bridge originally came from a Sports & Exercise Science degree specializing in Exercise Physioogy. He worked with some of the top names in Formula One as well as the British Olympic Gymnastic Team.  It was after moving into

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3 Simple Ways To Eat Healthier At Work

How we eat has a huge impact on our health. When we’re busy, it’s easy for us to not think about what we’re eating each day, especially when we’re working. Sometimes we don’t even take the time to stop for lunch, eat in front of our desks and consume so

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4 Mindsets to help you on your journey to mindfulness

Contrary to the opinion of many, mindfulness is more than sitting cross-legged on a mountain top, closing your eyes and listening to your breath whilst humming a sacred mantra to yourself. Yes, formal meditation is one way to achieve balance between your mind and body, however, you don’t need fancy

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8 Steps to Be Productive, Not Busy

  There is one monumental difference between being busy and being productive, and that is the achievement of an end goal i.e. getting stuff done. However, despite our best efforts, being productive can be harder that in sounds. The overwhelming feeling of having lots to do, but not actually getting

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Yoga At Work? Here’s Why You Need To Start This New Trend

Are you guilty of sitting all day every day?  If your work environment is a never-ending ball of stress, then these gentle moves will make you feel more relaxed and eager to take on anything the work day brings.

Work Life Spotlight – Drink Less Mind Founder Georgia Foster

Meet Georgia Foster, the world celebrated hypnotherapist, top selling author, international speaker and creator of life changing programs. Whether you need to learn how to drink less alcohol, grow your self-esteem, quiet your mind and your life her workshops cater to anybody and everybody. We’re so excited to welcome Georgia to

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4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve your Anxiety

Feeling a little anxious about that meeting? Noticing your stress levels rising just thinking about the presentation you have to give? When thoughts begin to overcrowd your mind and you feel yourself begin to worry or feel physical symptoms of anxiety, try turning to yoga for some relief.  

Moving at work can change your lIfe

Imagine a world where you become healthier and stronger simply by going to work. Is it possible? Physical inactivity is the new challenge of the modern world, and with a work-around-the-clock mentality, it’s almost unavoidable to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately exercise alone doesn’t quite cut it when you’re

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Work Life Balance. Life Work Balance. Life. Work. Balance

Work Life balance. life work balance. Life. Work. Balance. I used to think this was the most important thing to get right, this balance; of working sometimes and living the other times. But what I didn’t know then that I know now is that when you’re in a job you

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Why Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Sitting

We hit the gym, or head to a yoga class and consider we’re healthy, getting our exercise in for the day. But is this enough? Studies have shown that when we’re sedentary for long periods at work, we’re at risk of premature death and also the likelihood of disease, no

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