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4 Mindsets to help you on your journey to mindfulness

Contrary to the opinion of many, mindfulness is more than sitting cross-legged on a mountain top, closing your eyes and listening to your breath whilst humming a sacred mantra to yourself. Yes, formal meditation is one way to achieve balance between your mind and body, however, you don’t need fancy

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Keeping Your ‘Why’ Alive – We have a choice in every moment.

Everything you have in your life is something you have chosen. Be it your work, your relationships, your hobbies, and even your daily habits. However, are these things you’ve actively chosen consciously, or have they evolved on an unconscious level? It’s important to remember that you have choice at every

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Meet Local Love Ray Good Co-Founder of Recharge

Meet our Local Love Ray Good a once globe-trotting DJ and entrepreneur, who encountered first hand the impact of stress on his wellbeing that led him to find his own meditation practice and then to becoming a mindfulness teacher. Ray has over 25 years of meditation learning and is passionate

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You Are Who You Are Looking For – A Deeper Connection

Through Meditation You Can Find Deeper Connection

Mindful Relationships

Falling in love is easy, staying in love, that’s the real work.  

Six mantras for mindful communication

A few years ago, renowned and respected thought leader Thich Nhat Hanh released a book entitled ‘The Art of Communicating’. In this fascinating take on what is a relatively under-emphasised art, the reader is challenged to reconsider how she speaks to people, and how she listens. For us as leaders,

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How to be mindful in the workplace

Being mindful at work sounds wonderful in theory, but how can you add that in on top of an overflowing inbox and never-ending to-do list? Research has shown that when your mind wanders and you go about your day in a “mindless” state, you are more susceptible to stress and

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The Whole-Of-Life Approach To Success.

In the first edition of our new Total Living column, creative mentor Jo-Anne Hook asks if we need a new metaphor for work–life balance.

Be here. Not there.

A letter from me to you.   To whom it may inspire,   I called myself ugly today. It isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I know the cues like an artist knows her hard, bright palette: a tired and scattered mind, the tendency to get frustrated at small, meaningless

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Self-Sabotage – Why do we do it and how can we move beyond it?

This is one of the most common blocks women come to us with…and we’ve totally been there but just like our clients, we’ve now got the tools necessary to move beyond the pattern…

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