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Come Home to Yourself

Have you ever put down a house deposit, got a promotion, lost a loved one or gotten engaged, only to wonder how you even got to this point in your life?

Be kind to yourself

Imagine that your partner, friend or child has had a tough day. They might have been let go at work or lost a loved one or struggling to see any positives in their life. How would you respond to hearing and feeling this? I’d assume you’d most likely listen to

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Living up to the ‘New You’

The New Year is upon us, and unfortunately that can bring with it a significant amount of pressure. Pressure to be a ‘new you’. A healthier, wealthier and happier you. Often, you feel these expectations placed upon you by friends, work colleagues and family members. You can’t control the opinions

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Inspired Reading on the Topic of Mindfulness

The practice of meditation seems be at a tipping point of being considered ‘mainstream’, you can learn more about the positive benefits for your mental and physical health in leading medical journals, business magazines even in several autobiographies written by well known global entrepreneurs. My husband and I introduced meditation and mindfulness practices into

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Turn Your Meditation Into a Habit

Meditation, like any behaviour, is a habit that can be created and changed. To help you do this, we’ve put together some tips and ideas. So take a few minutes, get comfortable and sit with us in this space. Just like heading to the gym or going for a run, meditation

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Mindfulness this Holiday Season

Originally Published December 8 2014 With the festive season comes a time of high stress, shopping, organising end of year catch-ups, to-do lists and prepping for the big day. It is very easy to caught up in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your Christmas Day, that it seems to go by in

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Simple Ways to Refresh Your Inner-Self

Are you looking for easy ways to refresh the mind, body, and spirit? Why not try these simple Do-It-Yourself tools…

Don’t Wait to Start your Meditation Journey

Learning how to meditate isn’t difficult, and if you’re open to noticing, the benefits can be quickly realised. Here, we offer you a basic guide to calm your mind, focus your attention, open your heart and learn more about yourself. So get comfortable and take a few minutes to sit

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For the greater good: Apps that make a difference

Today we rely on our phones for just about everything. It’s addictive really, from counting calories and Snapchat, to finding inspiration and even love. But we’re trying to imagine a world where our Smartphones are less of a distraction or a source of guilt and more of a tool that

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Your Holistic Guide to Fertility & IVF – Part 2

Meditation & Mindfulness For all the years we have spent trying not to fall pregnant, we have lost our connection to our body and inner wisdom. Mind-body techniques are extremely valuable as it teaches us to get out of our heads and connect in with our body. This is an

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