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Be here. Not there.

A letter from me to you.   To whom it may inspire,   I called myself ugly today. It isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I know the cues like an artist knows her hard, bright palette: a tired and scattered mind, the tendency to get frustrated at small, meaningless

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Come Home to Yourself

Have you ever put down a house deposit, got a promotion, lost a loved one or gotten engaged, only to wonder how you even got to this point in your life?

Inspired Reading on the Topic of Mindfulness

The practice of meditation seems be at a tipping point of being considered ‘mainstream’, you can learn more about the positive benefits for your mental and physical health in leading medical journals, business magazines even in several autobiographies written by well known global entrepreneurs. My husband and I introduced meditation and mindfulness practices into

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Turn Your Meditation Into a Habit

Meditation, like any behaviour, is a habit that can be created and changed. To help you do this, we’ve put together some tips and ideas. So take a few minutes, get comfortable and sit with us in this space. Just like heading to the gym or going for a run, meditation

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Mindfulness this Holiday Season

Originally Published December 8 2014 With the festive season comes a time of high stress, shopping, organising end of year catch-ups, to-do lists and prepping for the big day. It is very easy to caught up in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your Christmas Day, that it seems to go by in

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Don’t Wait to Start your Meditation Journey

Learning how to meditate isn’t difficult, and if you’re open to noticing, the benefits can be quickly realised. Here, we offer you a basic guide to calm your mind, focus your attention, open your heart and learn more about yourself. So get comfortable and take a few minutes to sit

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Psychological Benefits of Meditation

Meditation increases emotional stability and intelligence. When we meditation regularly, and reduce our stress levels, our hormones balance out and feel less reactive, less defensive and more equanimous more of the time.

Meet Local Love Manoj Dias – Founder of Mindful Organisation A-SPACE

Meditation, breathing, reflecting, practicing, and connecting this is what really enriches Manoj’s life. Through his own journey and discovery he found that mediation was above all – a healing influence, and deciding to teach was a natural progression. Taking his own experiences and learnings to his students has made him a much-loved name

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26 things – Jonni Pollard Meditation Teacher & Founder of 1 Giant Mind

26 things about Jonni Pollard Meditation Teacher & Founder of 1 Giant Mind 

Meet Jonni Pollard – Meditation Teacher & Founder of 1 Giant Mind

Meet Local Love Jonni Pollard – World renowned meditation teacher and founder of the incredible app 1 Giant Mind – designed to make meditation easy, effortless and attainable to the everyday person. When we first met Jonni at the launch of 1 Giant Mind in Melbourne we were lucky enough to

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