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How Magnesium Can Benefit Your Training

Whether you enjoy running for leisure or implementing a training program into your weekly routine, it’s important your body is always functioning at its best. While it’s estimated up to 75% of the Australian population is magnesium deficient, those who exercise regularly are more likely to become depleted of this

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How to Become a Runner – Even If You’re Not!

If you prefer Netflix marathons to actual marathons or if you would rather run past a treadmill then on one, then you might be one of the many who would consider themselves a ‘non-runner.’ Like runners, non-runners come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of fitness.

Balancing out your fitness routine!

Sometimes it can be difficult maintaining the motivation required to incorporate and continue a regular fitness routine in our lives. There are various factors which can interfere with the momentum of regular exercise, including lack of time, muscle soreness or fatigue, and boredom.

A look inside the KX Group with Aaron Smith

Why did you decide to bring Dynamic Pilates workout to Australia? I walked into Bootcamp Pilates in London and just loved the vibe. I loved the people, the principles behind dynamic pilates and it just worked. I loved teaching and seeing my clients get results and from that day I

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Yoga for Runners

For most of us who work at a desk, or pursue other sports like triathlon in conjunction with running, we need to work on posture, to allow an effective body position, as well as the ability to breathe to the best of our ability into our lungs, for precious optimal

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