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6 Healthy Reasons to Eat Watermelon

Originally Published January 5, 2015    Summer is finally here and let’s face it, nothing screams Summer more than a juicy slice of Watermelon. This juicy fruit is extremely hydrating and full of electrolytes, making them the ideal fruit on a hot summers day. Filled with potassium, vitamins and minerals watermelons support every part

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Stay Healthy Over The Holiday Season

Originally Published 12 December 2014   Top 5 Tips To Stay Healthy Over The Holiday Season- by Kavisha Jega – Food and Wellness coach  Eat, drink, open presents, sleep, repeat. Pretty much sums up most of the holiday season! Don’t let Christmas and New Year celebrations throw you off course this

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Luke Udorovic’s 3-day Juice Detox

If you’re thinking, “what are you thinking!?!” Don’t worry we’re on the same page.

My Simple Approach To Eating Well Everyday (without dieting!)

I don’t like diets and I never advocate going on one. Here is a way to eat (without dieting) that will keep you glowing and feeling amazing everyday…

26 things – Alex Pendlebury

26 things about Alex Pendlebury – Owner of Simple Sensible Nutrition. 

Speedy Ab Workout

I love including ab workouts into my fitness routine, as they are so easy to fit into your daily schedule! You don’t need any fancy equipment either, just a space big enough to lie down comfortably.

Autumn Health And Fitness

We are now into the second month of Autumn and the chill has definitely set in. Brightly coloured leaves fall from the trees, signalling the change in season and covering the earth with natures red and orange blanket. The colder temperatures and darker evenings can lead to the temptations of

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Work Life Balance for Corporates

Work can get hectic with deadlines, meetings, phone calls, lunches and client expectations. It is important not to forget to do the things we enjoy and the things that nourish us. Work is endless and infinite but we need to know when to switch work off and acknowledge ourselves as

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Staying Fit And Healthy At University

Returning to University as a Post Graduate student has opened my eyes to the significant shift in lifestyle that often has to be made. Particularly for those of us who are leaving full-time work, where we enjoyed a life full of routine and had our health and fitness sorted during

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26 things – Melissa Farrugia

26 things about Melissa Farrugia passionate Holistic Kinesiologist, Mentor and inspiration fueled writer…

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