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Get Motivated & Keep Moving

We all experience it, that little voice inside your head saying “It’s too dark”, “It’s too cold”, “Sleep is so good” or “I’ll go tomorrow”. With Winter fast approaching the excuses we come up with to avoid exercise can go into overdrive!! To keep you on track to stay active, maintain the fitness

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The Perfect Retreat To Build Strength

RBT Luxury Retreat | My results & experience I just finished my first ever 6 nights and 7 day’s fitness retreat in beautiful Bali with the crew from RBT. Result Based Training are transformation gyms, located across Australia, UK and USA. RBT Gyms are exclusively body transformation centres where personal

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To Workout or to Not Workout?

“I’ll go tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”, “It’s too cold”, “I’m too busy”, “I’ll train twice as hard next time”…. Sound familiar?

Up, Up and Fly! Try These Australian Aerial Fitness Studios

Who works out on the floor these days? That was so last year. This year, it’s all about aerial exercising. And why not? This latest fitness trend is not only going to look great on your Instagram feed, but classes are amazing for improving strength and providing an overall killer workout.

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Top 6 Foods To Eat Before Your Workout

I’m not sure about you but my energy level in the gym is heavily influenced by my last meal. If I exercise before eating anything, I run out of steam quickly. 20 minutes in my mind is searching for energy sources, convincing me that we’re going to have to leave

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A New Season Will Put A Spring In Your Step

Woohoo! Spring has finally sprung, which is particularly great news for those of us living in Melbourne. You know what they say, Melbourne can have four seasons in one day, and sometimes it can be less than enticing to exercise outdoors or participate in certain types of activities if the

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Motherhood + Wellbeing with Angeline Gleeson

Meet Angeline, first time Mum to her gorgeous 6 month old – Harvey Gleeson, Personal Trainer and Sales Rep for the Health Food Distributor – Health Magic. Angeline shares with us her reflections on being a new mum, keeping a clear mind and a gives us a quick look into her uncomplicated

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5 Reasons to Smile During Winter

Winter is often given a bit of a bad wrap. Compared to the other seasons in the year, it can at times seem as though winter brings nothing but miserable weather and dark afternoons. Gone are the days of basking in the warm sunshine of summer, picnicking under the blossoming

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Meet Steph Prem – Winter Olympian & Founder of Studio PP

We are so thrilled to introduce Steph to the Twosixmag Community! Steph is not only an Olympic champion snowboarder, but a lover of all things health and fitness. She was generous enough to share with Twosix her journey to wellness and what motivated her to opening the aesthetically beautiful Studio

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Yoga Poses To Practice Daily

It’s dark, cold and rainy outside, certainly not the ideal weather for moving off the couch, yet maintaining a regular warming yoga practice through winter has a number of advantages and is possibly the single most powerful choice you could make to help your mind and body as you move through

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