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September 2015

Meet Local Love – Emma Barr Founder Of Yogi.Peace.Club

One of the greatest feelings is in the world is being able to turn what you love into a thriving business, Emma Barr is one of the lucky ones. Her love of the beach, yoga, travel and fashion inspired her to start Yogi.Peace.Club. Here she tells us what led her

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Design Insights with Yogi Peace Club

We’ve fallen in love with Yogi.Peace.Club. Lux eco yoga mats and funky yoga tops, inspired by the ocean, travel, colour and yoga. Founder & Designer Emma Barr shares her design inspiration and process.

Rebuilding With Andrea Clarke – Part Two

My Thoughts, Health & Moving Forward

Our Favourite Spring Ingredients

Why do we have a cold pressed juicer?

Rebuilding With Andrea Clarke – Part One

Five Steps I Took To Start Rebuilding My Confidence.

8 Reasons Why Yoga Is Great For Kids

Yoga isn’t just for adults, kids can reap the benefits too! Listen To Your Body Moonee Ponds are running their very first lot of School Holiday kids yoga classes combining yoga inspired movement with activities, games and relaxation – here’s why.

How to Start A New Healthy Routine!

Spring. A new season, a shedding of the old and a point in the year (other than the new year) where most people make a deal with themselves to get fit and healthy before the warmer weather (and the wearing of less clothing) arrives. If winter has seen you accumulate

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Poached Chicken Salad with Creamy Coconut Herby Dressing

Ingredients for salad:

Love Your Basics – Apple Cider Vinegar

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine what a daily dose of apple cider vinegar can do! You may already know that apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar that is made from apples or cider. But what you may not know is that apple cider vinegar

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A New Season Will Put A Spring In Your Step

Woohoo! Spring has finally sprung, which is particularly great news for those of us living in Melbourne. You know what they say, Melbourne can have four seasons in one day, and sometimes it can be less than enticing to exercise outdoors or participate in certain types of activities if the

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