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A New Season Will Put A Spring In Your Step

Woohoo! Spring has finally sprung, which is particularly great news for those of us living in Melbourne. You know what they say, Melbourne can have four seasons in one day, and sometimes it can be less than enticing to exercise outdoors or participate in certain types of activities if the

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Listen to your inner child

Early mornings, tiresome meetings, deadlines, bills….Sound familiar? Sometimes being an adult is just so hard. With mounting responsibilities weighing us down on a daily basis, sometimes all we want to do in curl up in our donna and refuse to leave bed!

Speedy Ab Workout

I love including ab workouts into my fitness routine, as they are so easy to fit into your daily schedule! You don’t need any fancy equipment either, just a space big enough to lie down comfortably.

Grab a friend and workout!

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, working out is only half as painful with a friend. Not only that, but it can also be TWICE as fun! When we articulate our personal goals and aims to others, it assists us in fulfilling the promises that we make to ourselves

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Quick and Simple Outdoor Circuit

One of the benefits of living in this glorious country of ours is the unlimited access we have to beautiful beaches, large sporting ovals and community parks. These can all be used as perfect, free outdoor spaces to work out in! With Christmas and New Years now well and truly

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3 work-out alternatives to going to the gym

Staying fit and healthy can be quite an arduous task for many. It can also be an expensive lifestyle; with hundreds of dollars spent on fancy equipment that we don’t always know how to use, personal trainers who we grow to despise, and gym memberships that we rarely even use!