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Meet Local Love Lauren Pell – Founder & Creator of Colour & Coconuts Wellness Festival

The coolest event is about to hit our town, and we’re lucky enough to catch this multi-talented lady (the brains behind the wellness festival) before her world explodes with possibilities!

26 Things – Natasha Mac Owner of Nattis Naturals in Goa, India

26 things about Natasha Mac – Owner of Nattis Naturals in Goa, India

Meet Josh Blau – Yoga Teacher & Eternal Student

Get to know one of yoga’s most captivating teachers. Constantly learning and immersed in his craft, Josh is the perfect mix of the old world and new world yoga movement. We were thrilled to catch him before he leaped off on his trip to Wanderlust New Zealand to chat with

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Yoga Wear For The Wild Yogi – 213 Apparel

Throw together a smile tank with maximum print leggings and coloured Ts and you have the perfect 213 apparel  look, guaranteed to make you happy! The gorgeous duo Charlotte and Sammy from 213 Apparel share their design influences behind the recent collection  ‘The Happiness Revolution’. An eclectic range that gives

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Connect, Grow & Play at Salute the Sun Yoga Festival

Benita Grimaldi the heart behind the Salute The Sun festival shares with us the story behind her amazing community festival, the future and why it’s extremely important to have a happy body.

Meet Natasha Mac – Owner of Nattis Naturals in Goa, India

Our very own Emma spent two years of her younger life in India, years she describes as “life changing”. SO when we found out one of her dear friends had opened a Health Food café in the gorgeous beachy town of Goa, India, we just had to reach out to

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26 Things – Sammy Veall Owner & Founder Of Yoga 213

26 things about Sammy Veall, Owner & Founder Of Yoga 213… 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received? The most important thing in life is to be happy. 2. 6 things that make you smile? My dog tilly, listening to loud music, my mum, my sister, dancing, yoga. 3.

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Meet Local Love Sammy Veall – Owner & Founder Of Yoga 213

When you step inside the Yoga 213 studio on Swan St, Richmond, the feeling of happiness is instant. As you enter you are first greeted by a large bright yellow staircase (it’s basically a stairway to yoga bliss heaven!) and once you reach the top you are welcomed with Sammy’s infectious

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Local Love – Ashley Bellino – Founder of Stoned Crystals

Local Love Ashley is the founder of Stoned Crystals- A fresh and modern take on crystals for the home and workspace. We are so thrilled to welcome Ashley and Stoned Crystals to the Twosixmag Community.

26 things – Laura Anderson of The FüD Revolution

26 things about Laura Anderson Co-Founder of The FüD Revolution – Healthy Vending Machines

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