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How To Empower Yourself

Empower, Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. When I think of the word EMPOWER I automatically think of leadership or setting goals something that everyone should be doing every single day.

The Healing Power of Art – Q&A with Artist Vida Ryan

TWOSIX Local Love-Artist Vida Ryan reveals her path to becoming an artist and why she believes the power of art changed her life, plus she shares her creative process and see how she creates her inspiring art.

6 Powerful Foods To Eat Every Week

EGGS We often forget the nutritional power of the humble egg. Eggs are a great source of complete proteins, which are essential for many physiological functions. These complete proteins contain all of the nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce naturally, and we therefore, must absorb from dietary

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Power & Strength: Exploring the six most powerful Pilates moves

Pilates is a constant exploration of mind and body and at any given time each person will find different exercises to be powerful or strong, depending on where they are in their Pilates practice. I believe a powerful exercise doesn’t necessarily need to be the most challenging exercise; it can

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The Power of Sound as a Tool for Healing

As I sat in the ceremonial space, submerged in the beautiful sounds of the Himalayan Singing bowls and other ancient instruments, I knew there was something magical about this. Even before I understood the complexities of sound and its therapeutic benefits, I was mesmerised. This experience was a catalyst, which

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