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The Symbolic Meaning Behind The Dream Catcher

There’s a story from the Lakota tribe which tells of how Iktomi (spider) came and spoke to an old Lakota spiritual leader who was on a high mountain and had a vision.

How Powerful is Love in a Relationship?

Love, in any of its phases, is a powerful force of nature. Love can be a fierce, inspiring, joyful, heart-breaking, compassionate and intimate guiding force. Love can heal and bring people together.

Your Holistic Guide to Fertility & IVF – Part 1

From a holistic perspective, I recommend therapies that can enhance your health and fertility. What I have found to be successful is healthy living integrated with mind-body medicine. I tell my patients on their first consultation “you want to treat your body like it’s already pregnant”. Most people are willing

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Spring Start Over

I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to see the buds beginning to blossom and feel the promise of Spring in the air. Winter is a great time to rest, recharge and nourish yourself. With Spring comes feelings of awakening and action. Lots of ‘ideas’ are thrown at us

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What Does Your Body Need to be Able to Repair and Thrive?

In my experience and in my studies, I have learned that the body is super intelligent. I believe we just don’t give it the environment it needs to do its thing. But when you do, you are giving it the best chance to recover. This is often when unexplained recovery

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Winter – Living in Harmony with the Seasons in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine, winter is seen as the most Yin time of the year. Yin is slow, dark and cold, causing energy to move inwards. As the temperature cools, our bodies have a natural instinct to withdraw and nurture ourselves.  Just as the trees lose their leaves, it is the

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10 Daily Habits and Practices for Reducing Stress Out of Your Life

Today, many of us are living lifestyles where our day is packed full to the rafters. It’s hustle and bustle from the time we wake, till we hit the pillow. While some are able to cope with the high demands of life, others can be left feeling tired, overwhelmed and

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Healers Don’t Heal You. This Is What We Do Instead.

I’ve been dabbling with this post for many months now. Waiting for the right time to complete and publish it.

Letting Go Of Old Emotions

“Emotions, shmo-shmotions.” Yep, that’s how most of us feel we have to deal with them, and I’m not just talking to my ladies out there. You fellas know it all too well, too.

The Top Indicators Of Good Health and How To Stay Healthy and Balanced

Skin The state of your skin can give many clues about the appropriateness of your diet and lifestyle. Ideally, the skin is smooth and clear with good elasticity. There are no dark circles under the eyes.