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Foods that make you happy

Originally Published May 4, 2015 With the weather getting chillier, it’s easier to get the blues and one of the things we can do to combat them is to eat nourishing, hearty foods. While we might crave certain foods over others when it’s cold, it’s great to focus on foods that actually

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Letting Go Of Old Emotions

“Emotions, shmo-shmotions.” Yep, that’s how most of us feel we have to deal with them, and I’m not just talking to my ladies out there. You fellas know it all too well, too.

3 Yoga Poses To Make You Smile

Happiness is the thing we want most for the people we love. That’s why it matters so much to be happy and why we all have a different idea of what happiness is and what it means to us as individuals…It’s vital to hold onto those things that make you

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How Can You Claim Your Gold Unless You Bring It Out Into The Light?

When you feel into the emotions you would ideally like to feel, which emotions do you naturally sway towards? And what if you felt in deeper again?

Connecting To Your Emotions

“We are not defined by our emotions.” Ah emotions. That old chestnut. Sometimes I’m sure life without emotion would be so much easier!

Why do we experience imbalance?

Balance is a very serendipitous theme for February as this short month holds the key to a very strong transitional time of the year. When we think about it, February marks the return to school, orientation week in Uni, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. It seems to be a

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