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June 2015

How To Detox The Mind In Winter

How to detox the mind in winter? When the days are getting shorter and the nights colder. It’s very tempting to hibernate curling up in a ball under your doona, sleeping in late and eating heavy comforting foods and feeling sorry for yourself once spring rolls around. Don’t let the

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Mindful Exercising – Mind Over Body

How much of a role does your mind play in your training? Many people don’t realise how often we talk to ourselves, constantly working through our own issues, making day-to-day decisions -on our own. The one thing I’ve learnt over the years is that hard training can take us to our

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Why choose Certified Organic Cotton?

To put this fact in a bit of context, in a recent report by the World Wildlife Fund, 100 million cotton farmers produce approximately 20 million tones of non-organic genetically modified cotton each year with China, United States, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and West Africa accounting for over 75% of global

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The Simple Things

There’s a heavy reliance these days on external gratification. A seeking for things outside of ourselves to make us happy, fulfilled and provide meaning. Something we aren’t naturally taught is to fill our own system with the simple pleasures, often seeing them as insignificant and unfit for the job.

The Ultimate Baked Sweet Potato

During winter, we all love to fill our bodies with hearty and delicious food. When people think of ‘comfort food’ they tend to associate it with creamy pastas, curries or stews. These meals definitely fill us up, but are often high in saturated fats, sodium and often sugar.

7 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Body Image

As much as I don’t like to admit it, we live in a very aesthetically driven society, where the image we portray through our looks, actions and accessories can drive us to have unrealistic expectations about how we should look, and whether we “measure up.”

Meet Kerry & Jeff – Owners of Hunters Roots

Hunters Roots is a delightful eatery filled with fresh juices, exotic tea blends, Superfood salads, tasty smoothies and yummy treats. We’re so excited to welcome owners Kerry and Jeffrey to our Twosixmag community.

26 things – Hunters Roots

26 things about Kerry from Hunters Roots… 1. What’s the best advice you have ever received? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade 2. 6 things that make you smile? My husband Jeffrey, my dog Mikey, clean sheets, puppy memes, fresh flowers, balmy summer evenings 3. I love to cook…A

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Be in control of your Health & Wellbeing

8 simple ways to better your health and wellbeing while working 1. Take Ownership – It’s our responsibility, and our responsibility alone to take ownership of our health and wellbeing. If we frequently find excuses to avoid looking after our vessel, the only one who will suffer is you. 2.

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5 Reasons to Smile During Winter

Winter is often given a bit of a bad wrap. Compared to the other seasons in the year, it can at times seem as though winter brings nothing but miserable weather and dark afternoons. Gone are the days of basking in the warm sunshine of summer, picnicking under the blossoming

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