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The Ultimate Baked Sweet Potato

During winter, we all love to fill our bodies with hearty and delicious food. When people think of ‘comfort food’ they tend to associate it with creamy pastas, curries or stews. These meals definitely fill us up, but are often high in saturated fats, sodium and often sugar.

Beetroot Relish Recipe – Montague Park Food Store

How to make the perfect beetroot relish…Recipe from our Local Love Montague Park Food Store Ingredients: 5 medium beetroots 2 1/2 Apple – peeled and grated 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger – grated White wine vinegar Raw sugar Fresh orange juice Method: Cook beetroot until tender, cool then peel and grate

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What is Bone Broth? – Kavisha Jega

Bone broth is made from the bones of chicken, turkey, duck, beef, lamb, pork and/or fish are anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and contain nutrients which help rebuild and improve the strength of the digestive tract. Most importantly, broth is rich in the amino acids proline and glycine, which help regulate digestion, reduce

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Purple Cabbage – Healthy & Tasty

6 reasons to add a little purple to your greens! 1. It’s jammed packed with minerals! A single serving of raw purple cabbage contains vitamin A, vitamin C and notable levels of folate and vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, potassium. 2. Purple cabbage is a great source of dietary fibre, its low in fat

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Zucchini and Pumpkin Loaf – Made with love by Tucker Street

We know most of you LOVE your bread and its hard to grasp the idea of cutting back on your favourite sourdough…However making a conscious choice to cut down the amount of wheat you’re eating per day will see your digestion and over all body function improve. Plus we have the perfect alternative! This

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Kavisha Jega – Food & Wellness Coach

We are so thrilled to welcome Kavisha to the Twosixmag Community! Here’s a little about Kavishsa’s journey to wellness and how she dedicates her time to helping others achieve a healthy balanced life. Can you tell us a little about you and your journey towards health and wellness? Believe it

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26 things – Kavisha Jega

26 things you need to know about our friend Kavisha Jega – Food and Wellness Coach

Eat more oats + A delicious oats in a jar recipe!

Oats, Oats, Oats! And we’re not talking about the instant kind! Whole Oats are a wonderful source of insoluble fibre (the one that keeps you regular)… they also help you feel fuller for longer, curbing your appetite so when it gets to lunch time you are less likely to go crazy! Studies have

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Community Cookbook from Arthur Street Kitchen

A delicious addition to every cookbook collection! Arthur Street Kitchen have created this amazing salad bible and its right up our food-loving-alley. Their concept is simple keep your food natural, use organic produce, always have fun with your salads, go back through the archives and recreate old classics and of course

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