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Apple + Coconut + Thyme Crumble With Coconut Sauce

 Apple mixture: 6 large apples 1 cup of filtered water ½ Tablespoon cinnamon Crumble mixture: 2 cups of almond meal 1/4 cup of chopped macadamias ½ cup chopped pecans ½ cup of shredded coconut 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder or essence 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds 1 teaspoon

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Make your own chocolate this Easter, it’s easy!

Don’t feel like a sugar hangover this Easter? No worries, making your own chocolate (minus the processed junk) is super easy, and using raw cacao powder makes it great for your health as well.

How To Eat Well On A Budget

Although eating healthily can be (ridiculously) expensive, it can also be done on a budget (trust me!). After moving interstate and spending all my savings setting up my new life, my apartment and my business, I’m not exactly rolling in the dough. However one thing I’ve leant how to do

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Simple Swaps To Make Healthy Eating Effortless!

Healthy eating is as simple as making a better choice… White rice/couscous for QUINOA White pasta for ZUCCHINI NOODLES White bread for SOURDOUGH White potato wedges for SWEET POTATO WEDGES Mashed potato for CAULIFLOWER MASH Grain fed meat for GRASS FED MEAT Factory farmed salmon for WILD ATLANTIC SALMON Milk chocolate for RAW CHOCOLATE Soft drink for SODA WATER

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5 Random Healthy Things You Can Start Doing Today!

Easy… 1. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Drinking a large glass of water ½ an hour before eating is a great way to partially fill you up and prevent you from overeating (if that is something you struggle with), and it’s a great simple way to ensure you

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Spiced Cashew Turmeric Milk + Smoothie Recipe

Although turmeric is a great spice to add into your diet all year round, the cooler months are an especially good time as turmeric is a strong disease fighter. Here are some other health benefits…

A Summer Mango Turmeric Cake

Make the most of the abundant summer mangoes and bake this flourless mango and turmeric cake. Choose your juiciest, most aromatic mangoes for a sweet and moist cake. Think turmeric and mango sound like a weird combo!? It isn’t…it’s a match made in heaven and has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. Eat

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Stay Healthy Over The Holiday Season

Top 5 Tips To Stay Healthy Over The Holiday Season- by Kavisha Jega – Food and Wellness coach  Eat, drink, open presents, sleep, repeat. Pretty much sums up most of the holiday season! Don’t let Christmas and New Year celebrations throw you off course this year. Here are my top tips

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What is Bone Broth? – Kavisha Jega

Bone broth is made from the bones of chicken, turkey, duck, beef, lamb, pork and/or fish are anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and contain nutrients which help rebuild and improve the strength of the digestive tract. Most importantly, broth is rich in the amino acids proline and glycine, which help regulate digestion, reduce

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My Self Love Chocolate Pudding – Kavisha Jega

While chocolates and sweets may make us feel good in the short term, long term they do nothing for our health or our bodies. When I’m after something decadent, chocolatey and sweet, this is my go to recipe! Not only does it taste AMAZING but it’s also highly nutritious and

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