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Men and Our Emotions: 5 Steps to help keep our emotions in a positive state.

We don’t like talking about them and certainly are bad at expressing them. But when we start to understand how to recognise our emotions and admit that there is nothing wrong with expressing them, the world simply becomes a more positive place.

Pilates – The Emotional Benefits

When we think about the benefits of Pilates, we so frequently think about the rock hard abs, taught and toned limbs and the model worthy posture. But how about the smile on your face?

26 things – Aaron Smith

26 things about Aaron Smith founder and CEO of KX Group… 

The Amazing Health Benefits of Summer

It’s hard not to love summer, the natural sunlight makes us feel so good. Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the extra health benefits that come with the warmth and sunshine!   Here are a few simple health benefits for you to keep in mind this Summer…   Vitamin D

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26 things – Ambika Chadwick

26 things about Ambika Chadwick- Owner of The Yoga Social 

Power Yoga – The Basics

Power yoga is a wonderful practice for all yogi’s who want to move quickly, build strength and feel energised! A class will generally include a series of sequences that will guide you to move from one pose to the next with each breath you take. However, like all yoga it is

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Static Exercises – The Benefits

Static, or isometric (the fancy name) exercises are those small movements in your body you do which create tension in the muscle without changing the length of the muscle. A literal translation is: iso– means equal,, metric – length!   What are the benefits of these exercises? They work to strengthen and condition the

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Pilates for Men

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.” Joseph Pilates In the first few months of teaching Pilates I was surprised with how many of my male friends began to ask about my classes and about whether

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How to do a Plank- the right way!

There is a fine and somewhat hilarious art to planking, we wont deny that! But the planking we’re talking about is the one that will build a strong core, give you amazing inner strength and create stability and balance to help you stand tall and prevent you from injury. The simple steps to a

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The Body Book – Twosixmag Review

When a beauty like Cameron Diaz comes on screen you stop and stare, right? When she talks you stop and listen, right? Well, trust us when she writes, you better stop and read immediately! It didn’t surprise us that we LOVE LOVED The Body Book! I mean we love Cameron;

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