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Why We’re Going Crazy for Turmeric

They’re cropping up everywhere, in cafes and in the blogosphere: turmeric lattes. But apart from being fun to drink something that looks like liquid sunshine, why are we all jumping on the turmeric bandwagon? Simple, it’s nature’s best anti-inflammatory!

Home Health Hack: Cleopatra’s Bath Mylk

It’s red, it’s itchy, and sometimes it’s downright painful: eczema. From a naturopathic point of view, we look at a few things when it comes to this annoying skin condition: dietary triggers, liver function, and a history of allergies are just the tip of the iceberg. For me it flares

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26 things – Reece Carter Naturopath & Herb Nerd

26 things about Reece Carter Naturopath & Herb Nerd

Reece Carter – Be A Garden Pharmacist

Grow Your Own Medicines! Even if you don’t have much space at home – and perhaps even less time – it doesn’t mean you can’t put together a little herb garden and start making remedies for everything from headaches to insomnia, scars to stretch marks.

Meet Local Love Reece Carter – Naturopath & Herb Nerd

If there’s one thing you need to do this week (other than to read our magazine!) It’s to start following the wonderfully, charismatic and energetic talent – Reece Carter, Naturopath and self-confessed Herb-Nerd. The first thing you will note is his infectious smile then his passion for a healthy and happy

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