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May 2016

Heavenly Grain Stone Fruit Salad

This fruity grain salad is delicious and filling eaten on its own and also great to make a bit extra as it keeps for a few days in the fridge – perfect for lunch the next day or as dinner again but as a side to lamb chops and feta, chicken strips

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3 Easy Breakfast Ideas In 5 Minutes Or Less

Avocado Toast Time to Make: 5 minutes What you’ll need: ½ an avocado, 2 slices toast, spreads, cheese (optional).

To Workout or to Not Workout?

“I’ll go tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”, “It’s too cold”, “I’m too busy”, “I’ll train twice as hard next time”…. Sound familiar?

Stop Living Your Life on Autopilot – Top Tips

Ever got in your car to go home and before you know it you’ve pulled up in front of your house with little knowledge of how you actually got there? Yep, that’s autopilot – we’re all guilty of it. In fact, it is more of a struggle to stay present

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Wild Berry Coconut Bark

For someone who would rather eat a block of cheese than a block of chocolate it can be a little tricky finding a healthy snack to satisfy that sweet craving. There’s only so many banana and peanut butter bites one person should eat, so I think we’re onto a bit

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Everyday Healthy Habit Hacks

Establishing a healthy diet isn’t just about cutting calories or passing on all processed foods. It’s about changing the way you approach your meals for an overall sense of well-being. We’re no nutritionists but we like to encourage healthy eating habits for life over unrealistic dietary restrictions.

Up, Up and Fly! Try These Australian Aerial Fitness Studios

Who works out on the floor these days? That was so last year. This year, it’s all about aerial exercising. And why not? This latest fitness trend is not only going to look great on your Instagram feed, but classes are amazing for improving strength and providing an overall killer workout.

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We Are Enough! 5 ways to KNOWING you are enough

Surrounded by successful, intelligent, entrepreneurial, fit, healthy and radiant women at a recent wellness personal development day, I was utterly gob-smacked to learn that every single one of these women, (including myself) talk to themselves in a way that they would NEVER talk to anyone else. EVER.

Letting Go Of Old Emotions

“Emotions, shmo-shmotions.” Yep, that’s how most of us feel we have to deal with them, and I’m not just talking to my ladies out there. You fellas know it all too well, too.

How To Save Money By Packing Your Own Lunch

Going out for lunch every day may seem like a harmless workday routine but it could actually be costing you more than you think. If we assume lunch costs $15 and you go out five times per week, that’s $300 per month. However, making your own lunch isn’t free. Generally,

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